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  1. $125 each same as it is today. Checked an US TA they final payment is earlier than our original one.
  2. 27 Sep. and is for 4 people $840. Regardless if we go or not, this is not the way to treat your customers, hope nobody will be fooled.
  3. I know, we will have a video conference with the family next couple of weeks to agree on the next step, most likely to cancel everything. The big amount paid is in the airfares, hoping they cancel the flights and we can have a refund instead of credits. No crystal bowl here to predict next year.
  4. Not a gambler. Unfortunately I don't believe that we will do this trip, 18 months in the making with the land components, flights etc. Very sad, but health is more important than a trip.
  5. We paid $125 each deposit and it remains the same amount even today.
  6. Don't know. We paid what they asked for, and still are, no mention of a different amount for deposit. Had a look at an US TA smallish deposit and final payment is 2 days before ours.
  7. I have also put this on the Meet and Greet for the cruise. Waiting for replies to see if I'm unique😌 Will let you know.
  8. Yes it is, hope so anyway, not that I would give them any more without actually contacting by phone the TA. Got 2 separate email saying the same except different amounts as one cabin has more people and is a different booking number. I have replied requesting explanation as to why would I want to do this 3 months out of departure etc.
  9. Just to clarify, couple of months ago the TA sent a form to fill out if we wanted to be advised for any changes from RC. This appears to be the reply. Also, one of the cabins has a refundable deposit, but looks like that have ignored that part. The $210 is per person! EMAIL received: Please be advised that we have not received an updated notification from the cruise line regarding cancel sailing. If you wish to cancel booking, deposit is forfeited. If you wish to extend final due date, we will require that you make full deposit payment of AU$210.00 and extension for final payment will be Friday 03rd July 2020. I await your kind advise.
  10. the TA is through our "national" airline. Just for information, this morning I checked the prices for the same category cabins, 2, one is now selling for +$2000 and the other for +$2500. WOW. Not many cabins left and RC must expect a rush for the ones left.
  11. Cruise 27 Sep 2020 RC Explorer of the Seas Rome to Rome We have just been offered through our TA an extension for final payment by 11 days, July 3, for an additional cost of AU$210 additional deposit? per person. Not sure if it is from RC or TA. What a joke. I know RC is saying, via email I received, they are hoping to "get back to making memories beginning May12, 2020" except North America, they must know something I don't know about the coronavirus disappearing from the rest of the world by then, ports will be open, except NA and people will be very happy to sail the Med etc in just over 5 weeks. Our travel ban has no end date at the moment and we would not be travelling to Italy etc in the next few weeks probably months. I don't think it is safe to travel anywhere at the moment and that will not change by May12. Maybe is a way to get final payment instead of cancellations, possible to fill RC bank account considering the position they are in at the moment.
  12. Just got off the QE in Sydney. Not sure about the eggs benedict, but all the other items were on the breakfast menu. Best meal of the day.
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