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  1. It's not clear the anyone. The rules were written in such a loose manner that they're as clear as mud.
  2. December 8th was the first of two consecutive sea days that would culminate is disembarkation in Miami. 8H_C.pdf 8H_I.pdf 8M_Col.pdf 8M_R_EO.pdf
  3. Dinner started with, I have no idea. It's not on the menu and I'm at a loss as to what it was supposed to have been. The wild boar raviolo was quite nice and thankfully I didn't see any crossing the room as makeshift Frisbees. The Teriyaki beef tenderloin was cooked perfectly for me. Dessert was a "Classic" crème Brulee bar.
  4. We visited Jost Van Dyke on December the 7th. The little ships used to stop here for caviar in the surf. I guess it isn't big enough for the larger ships but on the upside you don't need a metal detector to navigate its beach. Getting ashore was delayed by about 30min as some very lazy individuals decided to ignore the Active loading/unloading only sign on the pier. After watching part of a triumvirate of tourists apparently under the influence of medication prescribed by a street side pharmacist pass out while clearing customs I decided to take a quick look at the landing area
  5. If I recall correctly it depends upon the type of crab. The king/Bairdi are frozen but the Dungeness is fresh. The Dungeness season I believe starts in June so long as you don't have an early in the season cruise the Dungeness should be available (unless the 2019 season splurge causes issues with the subsequent seasons). Someone mentioned the George Inlet lodge? They have hummingbirds Depending upon the line (if you opt for a ships tour) you either take a bus one way and a seaplane the other (Disney) or take a seaplane both ways (Silversea)
  6. December 7th we were on Jost Van Dyke near where the little ships stopped for caviar in the surf. I took the tender to land and waited to land for about 20 minutes (it seems the boat at the dock was having people go through customs). After landing I saw the dirt roads, the lack of pretty much anything near the dock and a person collapse from "too much partying". I decided the ship seemed more appealing. 7M_Col.pdf7H_I.pdf7H_C.pdf7M_R_EO.pdf
  7. A little wine to go with dinner I'm not sure if the ravioli were new but they were nice (Golden beet & goat cheese - ordered as an appetizer portion). Missing the shot of the spaghetti carbonara (which is ok, it was missing any form of pork). Grilled filet mignon with a parmesan flan, and a dearth of morels. Dessert was a dark chocolate souffle with a mint anglaise.
  8. The sea will claim what it will - in this case it was a pair of flip flops/thongs. After some time on the beach a bit of air conditioning was just what the doctor ordered. How many mascots do you know that are provided with vodka and caviar?
  9. Tenders and swimmers don't mix well OSHA would probably not approve Aside from the umbrella covered loungers and the tent covered tables they had a small indoor/open air eating area Out comes the Champagne
  10. Setting up the buffet (it seemed the lower the sun went the smaller the lobster got). There were a number of cat herding/rescue boats out They did have some independent vendors entice people to try their offerings (not affiliated with Seabourn or the property)
  11. While they did provide shade the umbrellas were rather annoying to walk under. Get there early if you'd like to snorkel, there wasn't a plethora of equipment available. While Seabourn had their own bar setup the bar run by the property was also open - however you had to pay for your drinks from this one. Getting there early gave me a nice slow start to the day. While some staff and passengers went barefoot, I wouldn't recommend it. Carpentry staples as well as random bits of what appeared to be spring
  12. Like the previous location this is also a tender port. The crew had some interesting ways of getting around. I'm not sure if he was taking off or landing. Note the proximity of the tender dock to the swimming area. This was to become an issue later in the day. I'm not sure if this was for the crew, but it was a little off the beaten/optimal path between the pier and the shade.
  13. The 6th of December was our caviar in the surf day. This was my first time at the new location. There did appear to be both more shade and seating. However the height of the umbrellas was such that even short people had to bend over to walk under them. I can't imagine that did the crews backs any favors. 6H_C.pdf 6H_I.pdf 6M_Col.pdf 6M_R_EO.pdf
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