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  1. Moonlion, when were your excursions originally set to post? Want to keep an eye out for my cruise in July thanks, Patty
  2. 🤣 I guess everyone has their personal preferences for travel. Can’t argue with you on EWR not being the best option. I’ve always preferred flying from west coast to somewhere in Europe first so it was a bit out of my comfort zone to connect on the east coast, but I liked the idea of waking up in Bergen. Doesn’t matter now anyway, happy to have found out so early and found a flight itinerary that works for us
  3. Yes, we knew that but we weren’t excited about the flight options from the west coast. We’d only considered the United Newark to Bergen because it was non stop into Bergen. Knowing that we have another international trip planned we decided to save our miles for that.
  4. Very disappointing, we had that booked for next summer, got the cancellation notice yesterday and have now switched to KLM. Had United points I wanted to use but will have another opportunity in 2024
  5. We didn’t book through Viking this time as we were using miles. We just booked San Francisco to Newark to Bergen. We would prefer to fly from SFO to Europe and connect there, but this seems like the most efficient way. Leaving SFO early with a 3+ layover in Newark, but can’t beat the overnight flight getting into Bergen by noon.
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