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  1. I would. In case of accident or emergency. Book not card.
  2. I have been going every 4 weeks lately but 3 is best. I paid about $100 for the initial set and $60 for refills.
  3. I require French vanilla coffee creamer. Don't forget to pack those little containers if you require it too!
  4. There is a story today on Elliot Advocacy about a situation like this. The cruise line was going to fly the couple to the next port but one of them did not have a passport and could not enter the next port country. Something to think about,
  5. I'm allergic to smoke legal and otherwise. I would report or I would have to avoid my balcony
  6. These shoes are often recommended. The Walking Company has a buy one pair get 50% second pair sale
  7. I only like pockets in jeans or cargo pants. I hate pockets in dress pants, all dresses, and skirts.
  8. I buy tiny zip lock bags. One and two inch sizes. I put a few days of dayquil, nyquil, ibu, imodium, tums, dulcolax, zofran, phenergan in them. I get vertigo, so have to be prepared. Label with sharpie. I take bandaid, neosporin and blister pads. Eyeglass kit, individual eye drops, nail supplies, motion sickness meds. It all fits in my insulated mug so no extra room We take full size sunscreen.
  9. I would if I could still do my hair and make up and dress myself.
  10. I'm not trying to argue but I have another opinion of Sanuk Yoga mat shoes.I find them very uncomfortable after a half an hour or so. I've seen them at Ross and TJ Maxx for less than i paid at Dillards
  11. I went back to extensions after taking a break from them. I think they are a time saver, especially when I have to go to work at 5:30 A.M. No need for eyeliner, eyeshadow or mascara, at least for 2 weeks. I get a fill every 3 weeks. The third week isn't as nice but is still way better than my natural lashes, even with mascara. I wash the with baby shampoo in the shower every morning and give them a quick brush. Easy Peasy
  12. Where are the high demand chairs? Next to the pool? Sunny or shady area? Just curious, I live in the Phoenix area so being in the sun is not a treat.
  13. In my head! Oh I wish that were true. It's not. Tiny babies and animals can get motion sickness and they are not capable of imagining it.
  14. I thought I should take a break from extensions. It took a little over a months for my eyelash to get back to normal. No damage done except that I now think I have to get them put back on. I loved them.
  15. Home made Downey Wrinkle Release: one teaspoon fabric softener and one cup water. Take an empty spray bottle and put some fabric softener in a small container. Mix a little as needed. Shake well. Cheaper than buying a travel size, especially if you need more than one.
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