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  1. Emerald Destiny is identical to Emerald Dawn, Star, Sky and Sun, which is the fleet Emerald uses for the Rhine, Main, Danube and Moselle. If Destiny is unsuitable for the Main, then these other ships are as well. I somehow doubt that this is the case.
  2. There’s one Uber app which can be used wherever Uber operates. In Canada you will be charged in Canadian dollars and your credit card company will convert it to US dollars including, where applicable, the foreign currency fees.
  3. <<Coral, as far getting a boat ship form "Czechoslovakia" I am taking a guess that the boat was built in Děčín in Czechia which is on the Labe river - that's the Czech name for the Elbe.>> Nine ships of the Kuibyshev class were built for the Volga Shipping Company between 1978 and 1983 in Komárno Czechoslovakia (since 1993, Komárno, Slovakia), and are now operated by Vodohod. Two ships of the Anton Chekhov Class (the other is the Lev Tolstoy) were built in 1978-79 at Korneuburg, Austria. As both shipping works are on the Danube and the ships were built before the Rhein-Main canal was opened, I assume that they went to Russia via the Danube and Black Sea. I also assume that the 28 Dimitriy Furmanov class ships built at Boizenburg on the Elbe would have proceeded to Russia by way of the Elbe and Baltic.
  4. The vast majority of the cruise ships on the St. Petersburg-Moscow run were built in the DDR. Some were built in Czechoslovakia and two in Austria.
  5. Of course the mainline ocean cruise travel the St Lawrence. Québec City is a port of call or terminus for many lines and Holland America and Oceana among others visit Montréal. For fjords I assume you are thinking of the Saguenay fjord (rather than Norway) and quite a few St Lawrence cruises also do the Saguenay. It might be a bit harder to find a cruise that includes St John’s and the St Lawrence but I’m sure that there are one or two.
  6. Tidal bore in Newfoundland? I’m not aware of any there. You must mean New Brunswick or Nova Scotia as these occur on the Bay of Fundy where the tides are the highest in the world.
  7. I’m enjoying your posts and photos of Budapest. However, I’m puzzled by your guide’s remarks that you should stay within 3 blocks of the main area. I’m not sure what the limits of the main area may be, but I’ve found Budapest a very safe city, except perhaps for pickpockets, and have never felt in any danger there. Was he warning of possible muggings? Or is there another reason to avoid certain areas of the city? It’s been a few years since I was last there so perhaps things have changed in the meantime.
  8. It’s possible, but you may have some difficulty finding a one-way rental to the US and the drop-off charges may be considerable. Still, for 5 people it’s worth searching for one.
  9. Getting to Québec City from the US by rail is really not practical unless you have lots of time to spare. Amtrak service from NYC to Montreal takes 11 hours and arrives in Montreal after the last train for Québec, so you would need to spend overnight in Montreal. Even if you were to fly to Plattsburgh just south of Montreal, the train takes nearly 4 hours. A car rental is possible, but I think you might find the drop-off fees to be very high indeed and more than the cost of flying directly to Québec Québec City is not well served by international flights, but one option you might try is to fly to Montreal and then take the train to Québec There is direct Via Rail service from Dorval, where Montreal airport is located, to Québec City. Via Rail provides a free shuttle service between the terminal and the Dorval Station. The Gare du Palais station in Québec is a very short cab ride from the cruise terminal.
  10. My thoughts exactly. I was surprised to see that a line of Crystal’s quality would be using metal spoons for caviar.
  11. As part of its overall sustainability program, Uniworld is moving to eliminate all single-use plastics from its cruise ships, hence the glass carafe and aluminum water bottles provided in each guest cabin and the water-filling stations. However, I doubt that at this time they will object to you bringing plastic bottles of water aboard. That may change when they reach this goal as planned in 2022.
  12. As you are an American, I suggest that the second tour has the best balance. You will visit Omaha Beach but also have a chance to see the Bayeux Tapestry and visit the beautiful town of Bayeux which unlike most places in Normandy was little damaged in the war. If you are mostly interested in military sites, then the first tour with Utah, Ste Mère Eglise and Pointe du Hoc would be the best choice. Juno Beach will be of interest mostly to Canadians and the Juno Beach Centre is a wonderful Museum and memorial. Like Gnome12, I’m puzzled that the Canadian Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery at Bény-sur-Mer is not included in this tour. (BTW there are in fact 20 Commonwealth Cemeteries in Normandy, the largest of which is in Bayeux). I will be in Normandy this June for the ceremonies at Juno Beach marking the 75th Anniversary of DDay (though not on a river cruise). It will be my fourth time to Normandy, including the 60th Anniversary in 2004. It’s always been a special place for me.
  13. Martincath, my late wife grew up in Vancouver when White Spot still had car-hops and every time we were in Vancouver or elsewhere in B.C. with a White Spot she liked to have one of their burgers (with extra sauce) and I’d have the same. Like you, I’m not a great burger eater but I do agree that they are a cut above Macdonalds and the other international chains. I think that White Spot has reasonably good fast food, though when I eat there it’s usually something other than a burger.
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