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  1. @capriccio Thanks for the quick response! YEA...We can get onboard sooner! We are Ubering from Ft. Lauderdale so did not want to sit around the Miami terminal forever.
  2. 1st Timer here on MSC. We were given an embarkation time of 4:15pm on our upcoming cruise on Mareviglia out of Miami. We are in Yacht Club. This seems awfully late. The ship leaves at 7, and we need time to explore. Do they allow earlier embarkation times? Thanx.
  3. I just received an upgrade offer to bid for a Royal Suite on our upcoming Mereviglia cruise--we are currently in a YC cabin and the bid starts at $1695 pp. Is this worth it? We are three in the YC cabin currently, so the extra space would be helpful...but... Advice? Is the Royal Suite "all that and a bucket of bananas" 😉 ? Thanx.
  4. @eagletwoQUESTION: Did you "go" for it? I just received the same bid this morning and am debating. The cost is ...well... high and am weighing if worth the price since there will be three of us in the cabin (allows for more privacy)...but.... ???
  5. Good question. Or balconies with annoying poles.
  6. Looking at all options for YC cabin selection on the Meraviglia: please help! Deck 18 is topmost (will the restaurant traffic be noisy?); Deck 16 is steps from the Topsail Lounge; Deck 15 has cabins at the front of the ship. On the sailing we are choosing, appears all options are open!
  7. WOW, THANKS FOR RESPONDING! Can you let me know about this choice when you are onboard?
  8. About ready to book on the Maraviglia--Yacht Club--and am looking at Deck 16 for easy access to the Topsail Lounge. Is this a good choice? And should we grab the first cabins (16001, 160002, 160003) closest to the doors into the Topsail, or the end cabins (160019, 160020) closest to the exit doors? Or a cabin in the middle? Appreciate any insight. Thanx!
  9. Newbie here: how do I match? Thanx.
  10. Trying to decide on a YC1 cabin on either Deck 18 (top) or 16 (next down), Port or Aft. Advice? Also, I noticed on the MSC website that the rooms and balconies are different sizes. Experiences? Thanx!
  11. Looking to book on the Nieuw Statendam for January but not sure about going for the Aft Vista Suite, the SY at the way front of the ship, or an SS on the bump-out middle. I know these are three different "animals" with different prices. But looking for your opinions and experience(s) in any or all. Also, anyone been in the Cat. SY at the front of the ship? Trying to figure out the balcony, and if strangers can walk past the bow window, as I see on the deck plan there is outdoor space that appears to wrap around the entire bow on Deck 5. Thanks!
  12. Thanks, Fouremco. Did you have to scooch around each other as you passed by at the end of the bed? We usually go for Cat. SS or SC, so going to a Vista will be a tad different. The price jump from a Vista to an SS on this ship was shocking, so the Vista is looking good. 😄
  13. Thanks ever so much, JBecker! What is the diff in floor plans, if I may ask?
  14. Looking at booking an aft Vista Suite on Nieuw Statendam for January. It is currently 1/2 the price of the Cat. SS! Any recommendations on which aft cabin? All on Deck 7 are available, and according to the deck plan, the middle cabin looks skinnier than the two at the side next to the Cat. SB wraparounds. Is the deck plan correct? Thanks for any info on these aft Vistas!!!
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