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  1. Thanks for the answers. Is there smoking in the casino?
  2. Is there a smoking lounge on Majestic?
  3. I was also looking forward to the old menu and we were going to book it for 1 night. After looking at the new menu we changed our minds.
  4. I forgot to say it is the last Alaska.cruise of the season. Thanks again! Nan
  5. My husband Ted and I are on the last sailing of the. Majestic Princess in September. Of course the medallion app is driving me crazy. My question is what dining room do they use for Club Clas mini suites. Also do we have to make reservation on Medallion or can we show up anytime? Thanks so much! The app drove me crazy and took a while. Do I have to fill out Dine My Way? Can’t wait to get onboard as we haven’t sailed since 12/19.
  6. Does the Majestic Princess have an indoor smoking lounge? Thanks.
  7. We have a booked the Pinnacle suite On Koningsdam and would like to know all the perks we get .Thanks. We are very excited to stay in this lovely suite 7053. Nan
  8. Hello We have a TA booked for next spring Ft. Lauderdale to Amsterdam. We are all set on flight and hotel re: Ft. Lauderdale but we would like to book a post cruise package with HAL. Thanks. Nan
  9. Hello, I have been looking at a cruse on the Nieuw Statendam for next spring and I am a bit puzzled. What is the difference between a veranda cabin and a vista suite. I see that the veranda has the living area next to the patio and the VS has the bed next to it. Really would like to know what is different before I book. Also if anyone has stayed in a VS what are your thoughts. Thanks
  10. I also mmight add that I am 75 years old and do have health issues.
  11. I understand your concern about the cabin. However, my knees are so bad that I really need all the handrails to get up from the toilet. In addition I have what is known as jelly legs with terribly poor balance. I could use a wheelchair or scooter to make things easier if I wanted too and might have to switch to one or the other by March. Since I have such poor balance I do fall alot and end up getting bruised.getedbruised. Nan
  12. Hello, My husband and I will be on the Grand in March, 2021. For the first I have to stay in an accessible cabin due to knee and balance issues. We have never been in one before so I am not sure what they look like. The shower is fine as well as the toilet. I use a cane and walker and my concern is with the sink. I am thinking it is much lower for a wheelchair and am concerned I will have to bend way over to use the sink. Am I correct? What is storage space like? Thanks for all your help. Nan
  13. Hello I was just wondering which dining room on the Grand is for suite guests? Thanks.
  14. Thank you all for your replies. We went ahead and booked a window suite.
  15. Thanks for your reply. Not having a balcony is really no problem for us but we like the idea of a bigger room and all the suite perks. The only cabins left open are on Fiesta deck and was wondering if being in such close proximity to the Casino is a problem noise wise.
  16. Thinking of booking a window suite on the Grand Princess. Would appreciate hearing pros and cons.
  17. We are on the 9/27 Panama Canal 19 day round trip LA on the Coral Princess that has not been cancelled yet.
  18. Actually when I just checked with Princess about 20 minutes they show my FCC for May 6. Checked again credit disappeared.
  19. Thanks for all the replies. Glad to know I can ask for a magnifying mirror and charging strip. Nan
  20. Hello everyone, I have been on this board before talking about our upcoming cruise and getting great answers. We are on the Symphony which sails December 11th and will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. We are in PS suite 1048 and I do have a couple of questions. For some this might be a trivial question but it is important to me. I will be putting on my makeup at the desk while sitting as it is more comfortable for me than standing in the bathroom. My question is this . . . Does crystal provide a magnifying mirror that I can use at the desk? Definitely has to be magnifying as my eye site is not the best. Also since there is only 1 USB port in the suite will I be able to get a charging strip so I can plug multiple electronics? Wold I just ask my butler for these when I board? Thanks in advance. Nan
  21. FYI I was able to get a credit based on the reduction in fare. Happy Traveler!
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