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  1. FYI I was able to get a credit based on the reduction in fare. Happy Traveler!
  2. Yes you are right it is the 12/11 cruise from Caldera to San Diego.
  3. Just checked the Crystal website this morning and noticed the PG guarantee cabin rate has gone done considerably. Just wondering if Crystal will issue a credit if requested?
  4. Hi everyone! Good news....we have been assigned our cabin! It was almost a letdown as we were enjoying our little game of checking everyday. We were assigned a V6 on deck 8 and are delighted. One week from tomorrow we fly to Copenhagen. Thanks for all the comments. Nan
  5. So now it’s 12 days out and no cabin. My husband and I have made a joke about it and we are fine, just curious.
  6. I have been trying to find out but have not been succesful. If any has a copy please answer. Thanks.
  7. Hello all, My husband and I are boarding a cruise on the Ovation August 31, 2019. Today my travel agent called to let me know they were mailing our cruise documents but we still have not received our cabin number. So my question is has this happened to any of you. Also we are shipping our luggage through Luggage Forward without a cabin number. I am sure this will all work out but I would appreciate hearing from you if you ever had the same problem. Thanks, Nan
  8. My husband and I used Luggage Forward on our cruise last year and loved it so much we are doing it again in August. The service was impeccable and the instructions they had you follow were very easy. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing but didn't need to be. Upon boarding the ship our baggage was in our cabin and we were good to go. We walk with canes and use a wheelchair at the airport. It is a bit difficult to get around and with the luggage taken care of it truly helps. We also had a pre and post hotel stay and this was easy. Just packed our toiletries and meds with a change of clothes which all fit into a small bag that we checked in. So all we had to deal with was a small bag easily managed.
  9. Thank you all so much for your replies as they have been very helpful. I know have a better uderstanding of the difference between Seabourn's O class and their new ships. Sounds like my fit would be the O ships. That being said I know we will have a wonderful time and enjoy the itinerary and the ship. Nan
  10. My husband and I are booked on the Ovation and leave at the end of August. We have not been on Seabourn since the triplets were sold and I do have some questions about the larger ships. We would have preferred going on the 400 person ships but the itinerary we wanted was only on the Ovation. So would like to know if Seabourn still does hosted dinners and have the galley lunches. These were always so enjoyable. Also, if some of you could post your thoughhts aout sailing on the new cruise ships as compared to the little sisters? So looking forward to being back on Seabourn in August. Thank you.
  11. Hello again! Thanks so much for the info. We will be on the Pacific Princess shortly and hope they offer these packages.
  12. Hello. I was reading about the 2 wine packages you can buy, silver or gold. Do you buy this on the ship?
  13. Thank you everyone for all your great responses. I have just booked a cruise on Odyssey for next year. My husband and I can hardly wait to get on a Seabourn ship again.
  14. Hello, Nan and Ted here from San Diego county. We have only sailed on the triplets and now I want to book a 14 day cruise for next year. We loved the triplets and made many friends. We especially enjoyed the hosted tables at dinner. My question is are they still doing the hosted dinners on the larger ships? We certainly hope so as that was a big part of why we enjoyed Seabourn.
  15. My husband Ted and I have booked a first time cruise on Symphony for next December. It is a back to back 20 day Panama Canal cruise. We have booked a Seabreeze Penthouse veranda. I did check out both Penthouses and saw that the Seabreeze PH seemed tighter. However, what sold us on a Seabreeze cabin was the shower. We are both in our 70's and never use a bathtub and the shower in the regular Penthouse was too small and we don't want to climb in and out of a bathtub for a shower, too dangerous for us. Next, we liked the updated furnishings as the original PH looked dated to us. Another thing I liked was the little vanity table by the bathroom where I can put on makeup. The only negative for us is the location of the TV. Some nights we like to watch TV in bed and it sounds like this will not be an option so we will read instead. On this cruise we will be celebrating my birthday and our 50th wedding anniversary which is a huge milestone for us. The fact that the cruise ends in San Diego means that we don't have to fly home. I want to thank all of you who posted because I think the comparison of both PH's was very helpful to the both of us. We have been on Seabourn and Regent and especially like Seabourn but our travel agent suggested we try Crystal and we are happy she did. Nan
  16. Hello My husband and I did this cruise in 9/15 on the Pacific. It is on the list of our top 5 best cruises. We love the Pacific as well and will be on her after your cruise. You probably have your tours already booked through Princess but I do want to mention who we used for our tours. A company called SPB tours, home office in Russia and owned by a woman named Victoria. www.spb-tours.com. They were amazing, very small groups, sometimes just us and other times maybe 12. The great thing about them is it cost us 1/2 of what the Princess tours cost. You can book multiple tours in various cities on your itinerary and you get additional discounts. We were the last Baltic cruise of the season and we were able to meet Victoria and some of the other staff. We especially loved Alex who did our St. Petersburg 2 day tour. He was a talking history book with his knowledge of St. Petersburg amazing. They were all very courteous, vey much aware of our time frames and so very knowledgeable. I just can't say enough about them. We talked with some passengers that had taken the ships tours, esp. St. Petersburg and they were a bit unhappy with the large amount of people on the tours. Some had even been told they could only take ship tours. Not true. So just wanted to let you know about this company for what it's worth and the fact that is was so much less expensive and so much better. Nan
  17. My husband and I have only sailed on the Triplets with our last cruise on them in 2013. We are looking at Seabourn again this time on the Odyssey and have some questions. We loved the coziness of the smaller ships, the camaraderie of the crew and passengers. Also we enjoyed the market lunches and the hosted dinner tables. Are they doing these on the Odyssey. For those of you who have sailed on the small ships how does the Odyssey compare to them? Thanks. Nan
  18. We are boarding our cruise on September 24th in Dover. First we are boarding the Queen Mary 2 in New York doing the crossing to Southampton, then spending a week in London then off to Dover. Really glad to hear the breakfasts are good. The Pacific Princess is the perfect ship for us.
  19. Thanks so much for the replies. We have been on the Pacific Princess many times but always in a mini suite so I appreciate the info. PP is our favorite ship as well and we will be in a suite next year as well celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. Love the idea of having breakfast in Sabatini's.
  20. Hello, We will be in an owner's suite on the Pacific Princess in September. One of the perks of a suite is having a mimosa breakfast in Sabatini's on the larger ships. Since Sabatini's and Sterling Steak House alternate days they are open where do we have our breakfast?
  21. Thank you all so much for all your helpful info. I always like to learn as much as I can about the ship I will be on when trying a different cruise line. I have learned so much about Cunard and the QM2 thanks to all of you. Nan
  22. Hello, We be doing our first crossing on the QM2 this September, first time on Cunard. So I know the Britannia Restaurant and the buffet are included in our cruise price but what are the other places to eat that require a fee?
  23. Thank you all for such wonderful information especially about he balls. We are really looking forward to being on the QM2. If you can think of anything else that you think would be helpful please post. By the way I checked our itinerary and there will be 3 balls! Thank you again. Nan
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