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  1. Thanks so much! And um, we had no idea it was called that!? I just had to google it!
  2. Thanks! Yeah, I like the way it looked. I may try to incorporate more clips like that in the future!
  3. Haha, we all have our roles we play! Thanks! I know! Haha, Travis and I have a pretty funny memory from the backwards pool shot, and us telling each other we're not listening, haha
  4. Awesome! Well, thanks for following along! If was definitely a different one, with the uncertainty growing daily! Glad it happened, but glad we got home. Mostly shot with a 1DX and some GoPro. I have a Mavic 2 that folds small, so I never had an issue getting it on before, but now they allow drones, with the obvious stipulation that it is for port use only. I want to say Carnival started allowing them first.
  5. Hey, thanks so much! Haha, I assure you, I knew how to do it, but getting everyone else to just do it instead of understand it was tough, haha. It really only took 3 takes, but trying to explain it was hard. And, yes, there were drinks involved. I believe Rick was periscoping while we were doing this. Thanks so much!
  6. Thanks so much! Thanks! Yeah, Harmony is a good one! Haha! That was our issue for a while, then we started just meeting cruisers that cruised the way we do!
  7. Hey everyone! Hopefully this will catch you at a good time and help fill the void of missing cruises. We just posted our vacation video from the first (and at the moment, only) sailing on the new Amplified Freedom of the Seas! Such a blast! Enjoy!
  8. HAHA, yeah there were so many people that joined in the fun with us, but she was great! And yes, really excited for Freedom! You're so right! Pics do not do it justice. I still want to see the Northern Lights! We didn't really have an oppourtunity for that with the time of year. Sun was rising at 4 and setting at 11. Ovation was perfect for Alaska, which is why I booked it as soon as the itinerary opened for it. Great ships for colder settings. Haha, yeah, starting to get to the point where a week vacation the way we do needs another vacation. We figure we can rest when we get home! Thanks, and you'll love Ovation in Alaska!
  9. We went in June. I chose the longest day of the year on purpose, so that we could maximize warmth and sunlight. CLR will be in the next one (in March) Royal did, but not in the grand way they've done in the past. They had us hold it until it got to the US and by then people had already seen so much Symphony it wasn't really new. June, and weather was perfect! 70s most days No problem! We love Ovation. Beautiful ship!
  10. Hey thanks! Yeah, sorry, took a little longer this time. Life happens, then you get caught up! Alaska was beautiful, though, right?!
  11. Hey hey! Thanks haha! Yeah we can have a good time when we want to. Less than 2 weeks until the next!
  12. So it's been a while, but we finally made another video. This time we went to Alaska on Ovation of the Seas and the good times were no different! Hope you Enjoy!
  13. And I can always count on your support!
  14. Hey everyone! So I usually make highlight music videos of our cruises in addition to vlogs. This is from our Alaskan cruise in June.
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