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  1. scchasgal

    Fascination in Charleston tomorrow?

    [quote name='TraderThom']I would like to know as well. Am scheduled to depart Charleston on July 30th on the Fantasy (my very first cruise) to the Bahamas. I though the Fantasy was the only ship out of this port! Wonder if there is something wrong with the Fantasy. I heard it was the oldest vessel in the fleet.[/quote] The Fantasy just left Charleston today it was as they showed a shot of her leaving that they said the Fascination will be here tomorrow.
  2. scchasgal

    Fascination in Charleston tomorrow?

    [quote name='quiet1p']Which news did you see that on???[/quote] ABC news 4 as they were showing the Fantasy leaving
  3. Anyone know why the Fascination will be in Charleston tomorrow. Local news reported it but didn't say why.
  4. scchasgal

    Clipnzip roatan

    When we did clipnzip in Roatan we didn't book through carnival since it was cheaper to do it on your own and they discounted the ticket price by showing your sail and sign card.
  5. scchasgal

    First Time Cruise - Dramamine?

    I totally agree with this too many side effect of all the over the counter and script stuff eg dry mouth, blurry vision, sleepy. I take four ginger tabs daily starting about three days before the cruise and continue on the cruise. I get seasick usually but not since using ginger.
  6. scchasgal

    Cuban Cigars

    No you can't bring them back to the States and they sometimes make announcements on the last sea day to smoke 'em if you got 'em.:D
  7. scchasgal

    I live in Charleston, SC.

    [quote name='LisainFL']There is an excellent deli/restaurant across the street from the cruise terminal/parking area...does anyone remember the name of it? We are going to Charleston for another cruise in September, and the last cruise we had brunch there before boarding and it was great...I just can't remember the name of the place.[/quote] East Bay Deli sounds like
  8. scchasgal

    Outlets near bed on Glory

    All the ships I have been on are near the desk/vanity area.
  9. scchasgal

    Dream Questions

    [quote name='lyndamr']The Dream gets into Pt. Canaveral at 8am...do you think getting off the ship not using self assist we be on the road by 9:30?[/quote] Pending no problems the ship will be docking in the dark and there before 8 am. As far as you being off by 930 depends are you VIP? If not it will probably be later than that as it is a huge ship to debark.
  10. scchasgal

    Tropical Storm Debby Forms in the Gulf

    Ecstacy has already has an itinerary change switching around some days due to Debby. The oil rigs are being evacuated in the Gulf.
  11. scchasgal


    [quote name='LanMar7182']We cruise on November 3rd. So far we have had one price drop resulting in $60 OBC. My question is, there are still 10 rooms in our category showing up as available, do you think there will be more price drops or is it still a bit too early to tell?[/quote] You have a good change as it is not in the peak season. The ten rooms you see as available is only what you can see. Any category only shows a max of ten there are probably more.
  12. scchasgal

    Junior suite on the Sensation

    [quote name='muffin83']looking to book either a balcony or junior suite on the Sensation is it worth the extra money? How much bigger is the Junior Suite as opposed to the regular balcony?[/quote] We had a junior suite on the Sensation and since it is an old ship the size of the cabin is what the regular balcony cabins are now on newer ships. The balcony was really small (one had to go in so the other could go in). The regular balcony on the Sensation does not have a sofa like the suite does.
  13. scchasgal

    Cruise line from late 1990's, early 2000's

    I remember the NCL Sea did one called Texaribbean out of Houston
  14. scchasgal

    Hmmmm, I wonder......

    I somehow doubt it since they didn't ask you for more money for those days.
  15. scchasgal

    Cove balcony selection questions

    We had 2349 on the Dream and it was very quiet.