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  1. Yes. Thank you for asking. He said they finally got their paperwork at 9 p.m. last night and today at the port went easily. He did say for all the confusion before the port, the people there today were incredibly nice and accommodating.
  2. I would appreciate it if someone who has been on MSC before could help me. My son is scheduled for this cruise and has no boarding documents as they are still showing on line he has not fully checked in. He has completed everything and spoke on the phone with them last week and they said he was checked in and the portal would update. As of today, not updated. He has called numerous times trying to get someone to help him and they keep putting him on hold and then disconnecting after 1 hour of hold time. We are/were avid cruisers and have never had this type of thing happen on any other cruise. I do not know what to advise him to do if he cannot connect with someone. His boarding time is 8 am so he is one of the first and as of right now he has no documents.. or luggage tags etc. Just looking for someone who could point me in the right direction of what he should do on this particular cruise line. Thank you so much!!!
  3. No, unfortunately no. That itinerary sounds great. We are on the November 10, 2019 sailing.
  4. Trying to decide on whether to change our booking on Freedom of the Seas in November with all the negative reviews I have read lately. So, I am looking for some recent experiences on Freedom. Was the ship in good or bad shape. Rooms? We are in a suite on Freedom. Anyone stay in a suite lately? What particular things stood out for those amenities? Do they have a suite sun deck? Do they have a suite lounge? We have been sailing on larger ships lately and I have forgotten the amenities on the Freedom class. Thanks so much for any help or advice.
  5. Yes, they confirmed about 24 hours later. Hopefully, you'll get your confirmation soon.
  6. We heard from them too. Had some questions and now haven't heard anything back? Hopefully we will soon.
  7. We leave on the 14th and haven't gotten ours yet either. Please let me know if you get your email as I am anxiously awaiting. Thanks.
  8. Looking for recommendations on private transportation from MCO to Cape Canaveral? Has anyone used a company they liked recently? Thanks.
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