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  1. Hi, We booked in January but only started reserving shows and dining yesterday. We had no problem in coordinating dining with shows. You just have to be flexible on times. We are seeing one show in the afternoon and the other two are quite late. Main problem was trying to get the Grande before 8.45pm on any night. All the best!
  2. Hi, I booked DD and Izumi on the same basis, then noticed that the Dinner Menu is a la carte! So you will get charged for what you order. I cancelled my reservations and booked Silk! Ray
  3. Fly320

    Transatlantic Air Travel

    What a great site. The low cost airline guide is just the ticket - must bookmark it! Thanks, Ray
  4. Fly320

    Transatlantic Air Travel

    Hi All, I work for an airline and it is not good practice to only use half the ticket or even worse to get off at the connection and not complete the journey, assuming you get your bags for custom clearance. Air fares are very cheap within Europe providing you do not have much luggage. I can fly from England to Rome on a week day without bags for less than $50 each way, booked in advance! Unfortunately, most of these airlines are not found on US booking sites and must be booked direct with the airline online. To find them you need to start at one end of your journey and see which airlines use that airport. There are 2 airports in Rome, so be careful. Good Luck!
  5. Fly320

    Using cellphone in Europe

    Hi, We live in the UK and even our cell phones are expensive to use outside the UK in mainland Europe. It gets even worse in Eastern and Northern Europe and this phone mirrors this effect big-time!! Have you checked the rates! A much cheaper deal is to join VIP Calling plan in the USA or wherever, it works all over the world. I can call USA from here, assuming I was a tourist, for 5c a minute. Likewise a call from USA to UK is the same. Look at the site http://www.joinvip.com/ for details. You use regular telephones with a 0800 or 1-800 number to call your account and off you go. The only problem is you cannot be called, but you're on vacation! Good Luck Ray
  6. Hi Mike, We did the Jade Eastern Med in April 2009. The weather wasn't fantastic until we got to Alexandria. We did the ship tour to Cairo, but many people organised their own tours as the ship was expensive as usual! The Cruise Dock is lovely, but the City is a bit tatty in parts. Our friends took a taxi tour of Alex which was fine, but watch out for being ripped off. The constant begging in Tourist spots gets tedious. It was an awesome cruise as we saw most of the Ancient sites around the Med. A private tour of Ephesus is recommended. We had a bus for 12 and it was $52 including lunch! An all day travel card for ROME IS ONLY 9 EUROS, SO DON'T GET THE SHIP SHUTTLE AT $100+! Have a good cruise.
  7. Fly320

    Live from the NCL Sun

    Thank you both for letting us know how you're doing. We are on the Baltic trip in July, so expecting some hot weather. You should be getting the hot weather we have in the Uk today in the next few days. Please let us know how you all get on with the HoHo buses if you use them. Thanks again and have a wonderful cruise.
  8. Fly320

    Costa Luminosa

    Hi, Just did the cruise last month over Christmas. My review should appear shortly (second version).:rolleyes: Fly320