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  1. No no TA. And yes it’s the exact name and booking number. It’s the new booking. But this is another cancellation. I tried calling this morning first thing. And of course they weren’t open yet! I’ll try again. Thanks so much for your help !
  2. Yeah, im just going to call when i have the chance. keep it in my ear. We are going to re book one more time. Im thinking February. But if this gets cancelled, then I may be done!
  3. update... nope not working, keeps saying they cant find my info and to call! UGH
  4. ill try again...it kept saying it couldnt confirm my booking!!! but im going to try again Thanks
  5. thanks I'm really slow here at work, so I may just call after lunch, keep my buds in. This is so frustrating! I wish the online thing worked! Thank you
  6. Is anyone else having a hard time to do this cancellation online? They send you an email with a link to get the refund, or FOC yet, it doesn't recognize my booking!!! Anyone else have this issue? I trued calling, after 9 mins on hold. I hung up, tried to do it online. But that isn't working! UGH!!
  7. I want to fill out the online refund thing, because I have been on hold forever! But if I rebook, they want the down payment. Which we wouldn't owe, I dont fee like waiting for a refund. Or giving them too much to have OBC Any ideas what to do? Thanks
  8. Did anyone cancel. And then get an email stating the penalty and that I won’t be getting that back? The penalty is waived.... it’s your FCC. Right? If so. Why would the email state I’m not getting it back? Why doesn’t it say it’s a FCC? I have tried to call. But of course phone lines not working. Does anyone know? Or had that happen to them? thanks!
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