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  1. Late last year we cruised Seabourn from Malta to Israel to and through the Red Sea, around the Arabian Peninsula, to Dubai and several other nearby places. Wonderful trip, fascinating things to see and experience, learned so much, had so much fun. It took a month and cost a ton. Worth every minute and every dollar. LittleRedJohn (spend money for a guide and a motorized scooter at Petra, there's no other way to see the place)
  2. We have done several SilverSea cruises. Had a fine time always. The the ships and the cruises are not perfect. But along with Seabourn my first choice for my next cruise would be SilverSea. My big concern, however, is how the cruise lines emerge from the virus. I want cruises like the old days. That's not going to happen overnight. My attitude right now is watch and wait and put no money down on any future cruise until we know a lot more. LittleRedJohn
  3. We booked a "South of the Circle" cruise on Quark several years ago. Very costly. We would do it again in a second. We knew there was no guarantee. Not that many people in history have made it south of the circle. To have done it we thought then and still think that it was a glorious experience. Our ship was an expedition ship and ice hardened. I wouldn't try it in a bigger ship. When we got to Antarctica, the guides and captain judged the weather and decided to make a run for it before the weather changed. We succeeded, spent a couple days south of the circle, then cruised back north hitting
  4. We stayed at Pulitzer Amsterdam, located in historic buildings, right on canal, restaurants nearby, was a very good choice. LittleRedJohn
  5. We cruised from Halifax to Greenland and wound up in Iceland several years ago aboard the Bremen. Had a wonderful time. Greenland was fabulous. Iceland was fascinating. We were on Silver Cloud last year in western Africa. Had a wonderful time on the Cloud. I think coupling the Cloud and Greenland together would work very well. LittleRedJohn
  6. We just got off Ovation after a month long cruise. I hate the smell of smoke. Smoking should be completely banned on all cruise ships. Having said that, we noticed very little smoking, and only in the aft deck area where it was specifically allowed. The smell was never a problem anywhere on the ship. We even spent a little time sitting on the aft deck without inconvenience. But there are many other places on the ship to sit where smoking is not allowed. I noticed no smoking in areas where it was not allowed. I would add we had a lot of non-USA passengers on the cruise, meaning that the chances
  7. We did Cape Town to Lisbon this past spring on Cloud. Was mostly great. Two back to back cruises actually. Ship's shore excursions were mostly included in the cruise price. Silversea could have provided a lot better Africa experts to lecture and guide us. We did a lot of our own research. We learned a lot and did a lot on this trip. Beware of the itinerary. Ours changed and yours probably will, too. If you have specific questions, I'm open to questions. LittleRedJohn
  8. We stumbled into a discussion with a buyer aboard Odyssey a few years ago and learned a lot. We actually observed the purchase of fresh, local fish from a fisherman at a port in southern New Zealand, with the buyer presiding over the transaction along with a couple of chefs from the ship. The buyer said they do buy local foods when they believe they get high quality for a reasonable price. Fish was one such example, he said. Incredibly, however, the lamb on the ship was from Colorado. It was good, but couldn't Odyssey buy great lamb in New Zealand? Of course they could. The buyer said they don
  9. We did the reverse of that cruise in early 2019 on Silversea. If you need any tips, email me at johndleannz@email.com
  10. We're on the Malta to Greece to Dubai cruise aboard Ovation in November. I'm worried. Seabourn isn't commenting and my travel agent can't find out anything. I would think they must have an idea by now what they're going to do. The ship has to go on east to India and beyond. So I don't see how they can cancel. If they used their imagination, they could end my cruise without going through the straits, and bus us across land to Dubai. Would be a very interesting trip. Not really that far. We could then end up in Dubai, which is safe. The ship could then cruise on to India. LittleRedJohn
  11. We were on the Cloud for a month in April, had a great cruise, never smelled sewage--and my nose is sensitive--nor did I hear anyone complain of it. But even on a ship the size of the Cloud, you don't know what's happening everyplace. I rule nothing out, but I would have thought I would have heard someone speak of it if it was a problem. LittleRedJohn
  12. We were on the Cloud for 30 days a couple months ago. I know people's opinion on food differs. But someone blogged how our food was awful, almost nothing edible. That was simply a lie. My wife and I are quick to criticize when criticism is warranted. But many of our meals were quite good. A few were wonderful. I had a steak many times and it was very good each time. Most passengers we talked to were pleased or very pleased. Some said they thought several dishes could have been better. That's valid commentary. We found several of the sandwiches not to our liking. The pizza was hardly our favor
  13. Cloud arrived on time in Lisbon. Disembarkation very smooth. Overall a fine cruise. Ship and crew great. Food mostly good to very good. Some excellent off ship events, but too many shore excursions were poorly planned and badly supervised. On board expert speakers came up a little short. But we saw and experienced a lot of Africa. That was the goal.
  14. I am on the Cloud. I don't know who is criticizing the food. We're quite pleased with it. I had a beef fillet tonight and would give it a grade of nine. My wife had chicken oscar and would give it the same grade. All of our meals have been good. Some very good or excellent. Breakfast buffet could use some more variety. Eggs are always very good. I had a Reuben for lunch one day that was below average. Fried onion rings could use improvement. Fish has been good. One day the chief went to market and brought grouper. Grilled slices of it by the pool one noon. Excellent. had a room service hamburg
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