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  1. Love the elegance of the Radiance class ships. <3 Sadly, there will be no more. <|3<|3
  2. I would prefer to be no more than a few walking blocks from Trevi. I can get top end designers here in the US, so that is not important. We love browsing local clothing and jewelry shops and finding local places to eat. Someone mentioned the Realis?
  3. We re looking for a "reasonably" priced hotel near the Trevi Fountain and close to shopping for the last week in May, 2018. The hotel must also have an elevator/lift and offer twin beds and a private bathroom. We will also need transportation from the hotel to the cruise port. Any suggestions?
  4. We did the same thing. Did some shopping first and then took the bus to and from Maho Beach.
  5. The only time you may have to carry your luggage off the ship is if you have not left it out the night before in time for the crew members to pick it up.
  6. You and your kids will love the trip to Maho Beach. The planes fly in for landing just above your heads. There are a few places to grab something to eat and all of the above are right on the beach so you can swim if you wish.
  7. Radiance class is my favorite, followed by the Voyager class. I am not fond of the large behemoths... too many people, too crowded, too loud, too noisy, etc.
  8. Don't forget that you can order as many of the soups, salads, sides, starters, etc.you want at no extra cost. It is an extra cost only for an additional entree'. Here is the link for the entire Chops menu: http://media.royalcaribbean.com/content/shared_assets/pdf/menus/chops.pdf
  9. Royal Caribbean works on their website on weekends. Everything should be back to normal on Monday.
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