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  1. No I don't think so cause there is a big group of us going and we have all paid online and he is the only one now having issues. Some of us paid this morning. I also just got an email from carnival stating that his payment is now past due but be has 2 business days to pay it. So I will just call in the morning and see what is going on.
  2. Hello all, I need HELP please as soon as possible. My brother in law's final payment is due tonight in about an hour and he has been trying to pay it all day but keeps getting this error message.. "Invalid travel with record" when trying to pay or when trying to add the name of the 2nd guest. When he booked the cruise, he wasn't sure who was going to go with him and never added the 2nd passenger info until he tried to add it today when he was paying the full amount due. Has anyone ever see this error message? I have tried clearing my cookies, I have tried on my laptop, my phon
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