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  1. I have thought at times what I would do in such a situation. If I were to act consistently with my world view, I would wait and insist that almost everyone board the lifeboat before me. I'm definitely not a "survival of the fittest" kind of guy. Definitely all children and women before me, with the exception of very athletic women who insisted that I go before them.
  2. popeduck

    Infinity's Interior Designer(s)

    PSCruiser, That's funny! I guess you and I just have good taste. What can we say?
  3. popeduck

    Infinity's Interior Designer(s)

    Thank you, Cheryl! You're a wealth of information. I appreciate your response.
  4. I'm curious. With all the buzz about Celebrity "Solsticizing" their ships, starting recently with Infinity, why is there no mention of the designers? Whenever a Carnival ship is discussed, the name Joe Farcus pops up immediately. Who are the talented people behind Celebrity's interior design? Having cruised on the Infinity, I thought the interior was brilliant before, and now in the pics of the refurb, it looks even better; hip and chic but still elegant and understated. Who are those humble designing "celebrities?"
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    My video aboard the Grand Princess

    :eek:Oh, my eyes! The pole dancing! Ahhhhhhhh!
  6. popeduck

    Steps of Paul Cruises?

    Ha! That's a riot. I love it.
  7. My wife and I took our first ever cruise on Celebrity Infinity to Alaska this May. We loved it! The food was great; we enjoyed having a gourmet meal each evening. Entertainment was very good. Staff was over-the-top helpful and friendly. Activities were fun--we enjoyed trivia games and singing in the choir. Passengers were incredibly mixed in age, ethnicity, temperament and everything. Have fun! --Brian
  8. Does anyone know about a cruise company called "Steps of Paul"? They came up in my research of cruises to the holy land, but the info seems limited, which makes me go "hmmmmm." Has anyone cruised with them, or know of someone who has? Thanks! --Brian
  9. Has anyone ever heard of, or know anything about, a cruise line called "Steps of Paul Cruises"? I stumbled upon it while searching for a holy land cruise, and cannot find much info except for what is on their own website (stepsofpaul.com). It appears to be a Greek-based cruise company. Has anyone ever sailed with them, or know someone who has? Are they reputable? Thank you for any info you have. --Brian
  10. popeduck

    Midnight cruise: What time should we board?

    Just to follow-up after our cruise: Scheduled time for cruise was 11:59pm. Scheduled boarding time per email announcement was 7:30 pm. We got to the pier at about 4:15pm and checked in our luggage. We went through check-in and were given a numbered card so we could return later for boarding. Meanwhile, we walked over to Pike Place Market for a while, returning to the pier at about 6:30. We went through security at that time and into the waiting room. Actual boarding was at around 8:15 pm. Getting to the pier early paid off--our cards had #1 on them, meaning we were in the first group to board (other than the VIP's). Here are my first-time cruiser observations about checkin: I think of check-in as a four-part process. 1. Online checkin: helpful because all your information is already entered, saving time and trouble at the pier. All they have to do is a quick glance at your passports and give you the numbered cards. 2. Check-in at the pier: Do this as early as possible, so that you get priority for boarding later. You also get rid of your luggage, so you can go off and do something fun for a while. 3. Check-in through security: We did this earlier than we needed to. You could do this pretty close to the scheduled boarding time, since it's your numbered cards that determine when you board. 4. Actual boarding: The quick, easy, fun part after all the waiting and jumping through the hoops.
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    BEWARE of bidding for travel dot com

    Recently I noticed a thread on biddingfortravel that I find enlightening. It is found under the Seattle, WA topic, with the subheading "4* Westin Seattle DT 8/6-8/8 $76." In the thread the advisee makes a change to his/her bidding strategy, and the moderator comments: [INDENT]I'll also comment that if you are shortening your stay to try to increase your chances of getting a bid accepted months in advance, I think that is very foolish and illustrates a lack of patience which you will eventually regret. [/INDENT]This comment could be taken to be either (1) rude and condescending, or (2) honest, to-the-point, no-nonsense, and helpful. I take it in the latter way, and I offer as evidence the response by the advisee: [INDENT]The reason I am shortening my stay is I am going to stay in Vancouver the first night I get off the cruise. I just changed my mind, NOT because of "trying to increase your chances of getting a bid accepted months in advance". If you think that is why I changed my dates then you were wrong. [/INDENT]It seems to me that the advisee took it the second way, and that the advisor could receive such a response without offense. There's no evidence that there were any repercussions for such a response. Apparently she dishes out the curtness, but she can also take it, and it makes for interaction that is succinct without idle chit-chat. So there's the latest.
  12. popeduck

    BEWARE of bidding for travel dot com

    Here's my opinion on biddingfortravel, for what it's worth. I was surprised to read here (on cruise critic) about peoples' frustrating experiences with biddingfortravel. I have been using the site in conjunction with Priceline for the past 3 years now, and my experiences have been consistently positive and beneficial. While using the site, I have noticed that people who do not follow the guidelines in the FAQ are, indeed, treated curtly, but I have never read any responses that seemed abusive or ridiculing. I have always understood that there are very specific guidelines that MUST be followed in order for the advisor to provide accurate advice, and it would have to be frustrating for the advisor to field so MANY requests for assistance from people who have not bothered to take the time to learn how to provide all the necessary info needed for research. Granted, if I were the advisor, I would word my requests for more info, or for people to follow the instructions, in a more polite manner, but that's just me. I suspect that the moderator is a very business-like, bottom-line person who would rather efficiently help a larger number of people, rather than taking valuable time to hand-walk people through the procedure when it is spelled out for all to see. In the beginning I too was hesitant to begin posting, so I read the instructions thoroughly. From day one I have followed those instructions (which are quite sensible) carefully, and have found the advisor to then respond with very helpful advice AND politeness. In one case I even sent her a personal message with an off-topic question and found her reply to be very genial. As for the harsh treatment reported in Cruise Critic, (people being kicked off and/or receiving multiple angry emails) I am puzzled, and wonder if there was some mistake involved (e.g. a batch of email addresses processed rather than the one intended). Sure, it would be nice if the moderator used kinder, gentler verbage, but I don't have a problem overlooking the brusque-ness, especially when the info has saved me so much money when I travel. You just have to learn how to deal with different personalities--that's the real world.
  13. popeduck

    Midnight cruise: What time should we board?

    Thank you, Denny!
  14. popeduck

    Speedos, yes or no?

    Dude, I'm the same as you--6 ft, 150 lb, but I'm 46 years old. It was a long time in my life before I felt comfortable wearing any kind of swimwear, since I was so sensitive about my slim body type. I've come a long way, and feel just fine now in swimwear. If you've got the moxie to wear speedo's, go for it!
  15. My wife and I are booked on Celebrity Infinity Alaska cruise departing Seattle May 22, 2009. Scheduled departure is 11:59. What time should I plan on showing up at the dock for boarding? I'm asking way ahead of time so that I can start planning our day. If you have been on one of these midnight-departure cruises, I would appreciate any insight you have. Thank you!