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  1. We sailed on the Eurodam in August out of Athens and I noticed that everyone was allowed to be tested, check-in and board as they arrived. There was no checking of boarding times. We are 4 Star Mariners and were in Group A at 1:00 and arrived on the airport shuttle at 12:30. There were lots of other people already checking in ahead of us. No priority given to 4 & 5 Star Mariners at check-in due to the Covid testing process at the pier. Everyone was treated equally on a first come basis.
  2. HAL doesn't know what will be going on with Covid 3 months from now. We were on the first 2 weeks of the Eurodam last month. The policy change about masks onboard happened 4-5 days before we embarked and they had to make an itinerary change at the same time due to a Covid spike at one port stop. I would plan on things remaining the same.
  3. Yes, they definitely are happy to be back! That was one of the first things every crew member said when you had a conversation with them.
  4. We were on the Eurodam August 15 -29. Had a great cruise. Spoiled with just over 700 passengers. No lines. No waiting. No searches for a table at the Lido. Had one all day excursion with only 10 people on a big bus. They were really pushing you to use your phone and a QR code on the table to view the menu which 99% of the people were refusing to do even if they did have their phone with them which most did not. They would not initially offer you a regular menu, but would bring you one. Menus in the main dining room were not very diverse. Seemed to be even fewer choices than pre-Covid cruises. Lots of repeated entrees in the same week and felt like I was eating the same thing or similar too many times. Lots of beef. Not much chicken or pasta selections. Fish choice was prepared exactly the same each night, just a different type of fish. Menu could have used more imagination. Usually only 3 dessert choices plus hot fudge sundae and gelato. No creme brulee except in the Pinnacle Grill. And then of course all of the menus repeated exactly again the next week of the cruise. Shrimp cocktails are a surcharge now as are 3-4 other additional entree items. Main dining room service was hit or miss. Slow if you were at a table where they seemed to be training people. The first week the dining room was mostly empty each night. The second week, more people were eating in the dining room. Our final cruise night had the worst dining room service - never checked back to see if we need anything, no water re-fills, no offer for coffee/tea/expresso with dessert. One person at the table basically created a scene just to get someone to refill water glasses. It was also the most crowded night of the 2 week cruise and I don't think the staff was used to a mostly full dining room. We had free dinners at Tamarind and Pinnacle Grill. Also ate at Canaletto one night. Food and service were flawless at all of the restaurants. We enjoy sharing a table with others in the dining room as part of the cruise experience, but I will say the food was better in the specialty restaurants.
  5. We were on the first two weeks of the Eurodam in Greece last month. There were no restrictions in getting off the ship to roam freely or take a private excursion including the stops in Kotor and Cyprus. You did have to take your vaccination card with you when going ashore just in case. As it turned out we were asked to show our vaccination card at 3-4 different sites and museums upon entry. Shops required masks for entry and most restaurants were using outdoor seating only. HAL excursions required masks to be worn while on the tour buses. Some museums and shops had capacity restrictions. The itinerary did change due to surges in different countries. Nothing HAL can do about that. Just plan to be flexible and enjoy!
  6. We did evening excursions through HAL to a folklore performance both times we went to SP. They were both excellent and both were different shows.
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