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    Our cruise was on March 21. We elected for the future cruise credit. We haven’t received it. I know that Princess is busy but a word or two to say it is coming would go along way. Has anyone else heard? I check my account and future cruise credit. It says balance!!
  2. I cancelled my Mar 21 Caribbean Cruise on Mar 9. All payments were made. I received the port taxes back on credit card. Do I qualify for the Option 1 or 2 that was sent out from Princess on March 14? What if I had insurance, is that refunded or do I need to go through the insurance co.
  3. If I cancelled mar 21 cruise on tues (mar10) and want to use the option 2 benefit can it be used even though I cancelled before the March 12 pause letter
  4. If Insurance (Princess Insurance) is taken on a cancelled cruise will the amount paid (minus insurance ) be refunded? Or do I get a cruise credit instead.
  5. What if you have a FCC for a cruise that you cancelled and you book another cruise that is less than the certificate Do you lose the remaining amount or do you need to book another cruise by the end of 2021?
  6. Just off magic! Leigh the cruise director. Best CD we have ever had in 22 sailings with Carnival. He has so. I have energy!
  7. Magnet used to hold any paper that you might get example, cruise news, invites etc. magnets adhere to walls.
  8. Best thing! Go to Dollar Tree and buy disposable raincoats. They are usually 2/$1.00. I buy several packs. They can be put over your jackets. Remember flashlight, magnet , binoculars Have fun. I leave for Alaska on Sunday!
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