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  1. not that you asked - but MSC does allow you to use anything in the Mini bar fridges as part of their Beverage package! loved that feature for late night snacks and drinks - cabin steward would stock with your preference if you asked...
  2. so if you no longer have a Hard copy card - maybe buy 1 more $25 card and make that one your primary...
  3. I always keep 1 hard copy card (sometime I buy ecards) as my Primary card - that way I always have at least 1 card I can use at Disney for purchases - and this was I also always have a copy of the entire card #
  4. DH and I both had the UDP on Symphony in April - we cruised with 3 other couples, none of them had the UDP. We ate at Playmakers 3 days for lunch (not always with the full 6 other people but different configurations) we always ordered the Wings and nachos (I ordered Nachos and wings, Hubby ordered Nachos and Wings). Our friends ate with us - we handed our cards to the waitress...we were never questioned nor billed.
  5. how long do they usually run new releases? We are on the Dream on 1/13/2020...wonder if it will still be playing a month later?
  6. Thank you this was the exact info I was looking for...I will not buy the mug but will buy the 6pk just so there is something in the cabin for dinner prep. Then in Nassau we will each pick up a 6 pk for hubby. All good!!
  7. probably true - luckily DH and I have Annual Passes - but we did decide one day we were in the mood - we are in JAX so 2.5 hours away - drove down had lunch and came home...Its good Pizza - well worth the tank of gas btu we're crazy like that...
  8. Near you - Via Napoli inside Epcot in Italy! yum!!!
  9. Yes - thank you!! I do know about bringing the bottles on with us - so I'll bring 2 and Hubby will bring 2 and then that's my drinks taken care of for the whole cruise. I'll probably just buy ahead of time a 6 pack and the mug to be waiting in the cabin for him and then just pay for refills on the mug. Thanks for verifying I can use the Gift Cards for onboard account - it's not much but I'd rather save 5$ than put money on a credit card - especially if they will reload the balance left over back to the card - then we will just use on a Disney trip.
  10. Hello, First time cruising Disney for Hubby and myself. We have been on many other lines but decided to top off Marathon week Jan 2020 with the Castaway Cay Challenge. So we are very excited to finally try Disney (we are annual passholders and love weekend getaways). On all other lines we usually purchase the Beverage package so we don't worry about racking up a huge bar tab. We aren't alcoholics but we enjoy several drinks during the day while on vacation! I will bring a couple bottles of wine for myself so these questions are mainly for hubby. My questions to you expert
  11. I used this service in the Yacht Club on Fantasia Med cruise Oct 2018 - we broke it up over several requests during the week. Our Butler always hung everything back in our closet for us when ready - would do it again on any MSC cruise.
  12. DH and I enjoy playing - EXCEPT when B2B cruisers or same ship numerous times cruisers - play just because they know all the answers...We did a cruise about a year ago and played a few times and noticed the same group was at every trivia session (winning every session too) finally about day 3 someone said "man, you guys know a lot about a lot of different stuff' - to which one guy replied "no, we just did this last week and know all the answers" That didn't make it fun for the others...
  13. 1 protein vs 2 (a combination dinner) We got the Lobster and Scallops - if you order just steak or just chicken or just shrimp - it's $45
  14. We had many slices on Symphony last week - it was really good...I actually like it when the put a little more char (not in a bad way) on the crust and this was perfect. Very convenient that it is right across from Copper and Kettle - go into C&K order a drink while waiting for said drink go over and grab a few slices from Sorrento's - then camp out for an hour or so and people watch on the Promenade...
  15. Your Beverage Package will cover your drinks in the Spec Rests - they actually even covered the full $15 for the Martinis we ordered in 150 Central park and didn't change the difference from $13 covered under the package... We did pay the food upcharge in Izumi Hibachi for the $49 meal ($4 each) - the $8 upcharge in Chops for my Lobster tail and the $18 upcharge in Chops of DH Dry Aged 20oz Porterhouse.
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