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  1. I am not a person that enjoys large crowds. Because of that I cancelled a suite on RCL after their e-cig policy, then booked suite with Carnival and cancelled it after their e-cig policy. Luckily I hadn't gotten around to booking NCL yet. I am a cruiser that spends hours sitting on my balcony reading a book and enjoying the quiet. I do not blow large clouds of vapor, nor do I use nicotine. With this policy the reason I cruise is being changed, so I will cruise no more.:(
  2. Yes, some do have a slight odor based on the flavor they use.
  3. Princess allows vaping everywhere except MDR and theater shows.
  4. Just to answer your questions: I do vape in my doctors waiting room and I do vape in his office. He did the medical research prior to allowing it. My doctor did advise my husband to reduce his nicotine level due to his high blood pressure. Bottom line is that we do not know what is being exhaled from anyone's mouth, not just vapors. Only fair to add: my doctor vapes after many years of smoking, he recommends it to all of his smoking patients.
  5. I will agree that we do not know what is in everything we eat, drink, vape, breath, etc. Unless we decide to live in a bubble we will always be exposed to the unknown. Today it is the flavoring in ecigs, tomorrow it is the chemical's to make perfume smell, or beer taste like beer. I chose to live my life based on my feeling of wellbeing and my doctor's advise, both say vaping is fine and to enjoy it. :D I also want to add that as someone with Crohns I worry more about what I eat than what I breath, maybe the flavoring in all my food caused my Crohns.
  6. So that list is for the strawberry flavoring used in milkshakes, unknown if used in candy or e-cig juice.
  7. Please share where this information came from. I know the flavoring used in e-cig juice is the same as candy flavoring and if this is true then we really should ban kids and powdered candy. :eek:
  8. So make sure your kid never eats strawberry flavored candy, especially the powdered kind. I just use PG and VG in my e-cig, no odor.
  9. It is not smoking and I can vape right beside you and you will never know.:)
  10. I voted everywhere. After 3+ years of vaping, rapidly improving pulmonary function test improvement, now able to run and play with my grandchild, I DO NOT want to be exposed to cigarette smoke. I am a FF/Paramedic and I have read numerous studies. I do not trust the FDA to tell me what is or is not safe. Too may people have died due to Chantex for me to trust them. I have annual pulmonary function tests and chest x-rays for my job and they show the good things vaping has done for me. I agree cigarette smoke stinks. I have greatly improved my health and I WILL NOT allow anyone to make me stand in a group of smokers so that I can vape. I cancelled numerous cruises with RCI when they passed this policy and I will do the same with Carnival. I will stick with Princess from now on.
  11. I have used my e-cig (which looks nothing like a cigarette) all over Disney and have never had anyone say anything to me. That being said, I do not vape in lines, restaurant's, or in the middle of any crowd.
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