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  1. Just received a great deal on Living Social for those of you who want to visit the Everglades have a airboat ride and show. $23.00 for 2 It's where they film the show Gator Boys!!!One-Hour Airboat Tour and Alligator Show for Two Everglades Holiday Park view deal »
  2. You know that's a good question!!!:confused: I googled Airboat rides or the Everglades 1 popped up that even had a coupon which I thought was great. So my son and I headed west to the Glades got lost of course!!;) We didn't find the 1 I found on Google but we found another 1 that was really nice. Look for 1 that has the covered airboats because it could get very hot with the Sun beating down on you. Also eat before you go there aren't any restaurants around maybe little general store type place for snacks. Sun Screen too!!!:)
  3. I just checked Hotwire and you can rent a car for 1 day anywhere from $14.95 for compact to immed. suv $21.95 or try Priceline. The tour of the Everglades is fabulous I took my 21 y.o. son and we both loved it. Saw loads of Gators, Vultures, many types of birds and various other animals native to the Glades!!! :)
  4. Five Guys Fries are far superior than Wendy's Fries. Five Guys actually make their own Fries out of fresh potatoes not frozen ones like Wendy's. But everyone has their own preference! Five Guys now have 3 sizes the size they call regular feeds 2 people with no problem they also have a little size which I'm sure feeds 1. I'm sure if you try it you'll like it!!:)
  5. We used Air & Sea Parking on Federal Highway. They charge $8.00 a day and shuttle you to the pier and pick you up also. We used them last year my daughter used them last month for their Allure cruise and we're using them again in 3 wks. I do have their phone # to make a reservations,:)
  6. Ernie's Bar B Que on US 1 in FLL it's a locals place that I fond recommended on here. They make the best Bimini Bread outside of the islands. They have a different kind of Barbque Sauce that is like a gravy delish. We are now part of the locals that go there often. The same people that owns Ernie's also own The Floridian Diner on Las Olas which is another great local place with character. Why eat at a chain that you can eat at your own hometown when you can eat get local charm!!!:)
  7. Hi, It was almost 3 yrs ago since we stayed at the FLL Hyatt Place it was very nice. Close to stores and places to eat. If I were you I'd call and ask about someone helping with the luggage. I now live in the Delray Beach area there is always something going on down here. Google FLL and I'm sure things will pop up. We got it on Hotwire I dod remember that...Now that I live down in So. Fl. I don't need to use hotels anymore before our cruises. Hope I helped you out a little bit.. Marsha;)
  8. Maybe Celebrity had the thread taken down!! I found no problems with the staff....Hsubs, how would you know how the staff should act since this was your first ever cruise and post. I always had a HELLO and SMILE from all the staff members I saw as I walked around the ship. Maybe it was your rotten attitude. They will treat you the way you treat them. If you're nasty to wards them expect the same thing back. This wasn't my 1st cruise as you can see in my signature and nothing that happened on The Infinity would stop me from sailing them again because it could happen on any cruise ship or line. Marsha:):cool:
  9. We were in CC 8082 stateroom and it looked like they recovered the furniture. Everything look very clean. Couldn't really tell if carpet was replaced. They seemed to be very unorganized. The Buffet the 1st day was a nightmare. Went up to eat lunch around 1:30-1:45 the line was just awful and didn't move for 15 minutes. There was no one there to tell you there were other Stations to get food. Like Pizza, Chinese and Italian..... It was our 1st time on this ship! Marsha:):cool:
  10. We just returned from the Infinity 4 day cruise. It just came out of dry dock. Well she looked pretty good, but she wasn't ready for sailing yet. 1st stop Key West 1 day turned into 2 days and Cozumel turned into Nassau. I called it our 4 day cruise to Key West with a stop over in Nassau. I guess the software that communicated the steering of the ship broke down. They had to fly in specialist to fix it, so from Thursday Morning until Friday nite we were stuck in Key West. Thank G-d we weren't at sea when this occurred. We would have been adrift. We all got OBC from $80.00 for insides to $250.00 for Suites and CC balcony, what wasn't used was applied back to your credit card. 1st day the coffee makers were all broken in the buffet the ice machine all broke. Late dinner took 2 1/2 hours in the Trellis Dining room. Any other questions??? I still had a nice time had a wonderful group of CC member that meet up and spent a lot of time together. Marsha:):cool:
  11. We had 2 stays 12/2 and 12/7 both were just wonderful we asked for a King sized bedroom and received it both stays. Desk lady asked what floor and location we would like no problem. The breakfast had plenty of food and coffee. I asked if I could Leave a message for another arriving guest again no problem. Everyone working in the the hotel was very pleasant.:D Could it be the attitude of the people checking in??;) I will gladly stay here again. Marsha:):cool:
  12. Do a French Pedicure!!! Bright Pink looks great with a tan.;) By the way your toes don't need to match your fingers. Marsha:):cool:
  13. Cruisinram, Here's the link for our Rollcall: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=625927&goto=newpost Marsha:) :cool:
  14. Cruisinram, Why don't you stop by our roll for that cruise. We're a friendly group.:) Marsha:) :cool:
  15. What about sandals that don't have a back strap should they also be banned? Think not!!!:rolleyes: They also make noise when you walk. Wear whats comfy and don't worry about what other people think. There will always be nay sayers about every subject.;) Marsha:) :cool:
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