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  1. Thanks for the posts everyone. Good to see there are a few companies repeatedly mentioned, so that's a good thing 🙂 I was really hoping to hold a few sloths, oh well. May try for the monkeys instead. We still have the $400 per cabin credit due to Cuban fiasco, so we may try to utilize this credit to the fullest extent. Also hoping to meet you on board. I'm traveling with my wife and kid, and also meeting up with my parents.
  2. Hey everyone, Our upcoming cruise on the Armonia leaving Miami is coming up in 2 days. Ports of call are now Honduras, Costa Maya, Cozumel, and George Town. No more Cuba, but oh well, that time has passed... Can any offer any insights if there are excursions for sale at the ports of call? Not really wanting to pay ship prices by being fear mongered of not buying "cruise approved excursions." In particular are there some sort of sloth, iguana, or capuchin monkeys tour in Honduras? Also, I've read somewhere on here the Costa Maya is pretty dirty
  3. That's good to know, thanks. Would there then be taxi vans lined up at the Cruise terminal when we disembark?
  4. Thanks for the link! From your posted link I saw this post below in a recent thread under said forum. Will contact them since primary health emergency is due to a preexisting condition. Appreciate the heads up by everyone here re: preexisting condition coverage.
  5. Thanks for sharing. Mind me asking, what is the name of the travel insurance you and your husband used? I would like to call the company and get a quote. Thanks.
  6. Found out from looking at the e-ticket the August 2019 Miami sailing will be from Cruise terminal F. Any suggestions on transportation would be appreciated, thanks!
  7. Seeing if I can get some feedback for my parents. My dad's health is not the greatest, and he'll be traveling with my family and I this August from Miami on the MSC Armonia. He is already insured and current health insurance through his employer. My question is, if he is in need of medical emergency services while at sea or at one of the ports, will his medical insurance cover needed health services? What if he has severe medical emergency and requires transport back to the states for care? I suppose the US Coast Guard will come and air lift him to closest hospital; if so, is t
  8. Hi Everyone, Our cruise departing from Miami this August leaves from Port Miami. Which cruise terminal does the MSC Armonia typically dock at? I can't seem to find it online, and Super Shuttle is asking for it. For a party of 5, from a cost effective point of view, would you guys/gals recommend Super Shuttle for roundtrip transportation from Miami International Airport to the cruise terminal? Thanks!
  9. So it sounds like the $400 credit is just enough for tips/gratuities, and maybe a little bit extra. OP, how was the food quality? Were there lobsters and fillet Mignon nights? What about drinks, was there free ice tea and water for all? Did you also notice if the buffet is open until 11pm?
  10. This event sounds pretty fun. Thanks for sharing. I will look forward to this show!
  11. Carbs overload make for a good night's sleep!
  12. Thanks for the info and good to hear you had a good time on the Armonia. Part of my nightly ritual on Carnival was to always get a hot pastrami on whole wheat after my evening I work out in the gym. Rack up the protein! I stand corrected on the sandwich bar, does it close around 11pm?
  13. What is this Master Chef thing? Is it a paid on board "excursion" activity where chefs teach how to cook? On the Armonia, did you notice if there is a 24 hour self serve ice cream station, 24hr sandwich cafe, library, a bar to watch sports, and an atrium like setting where people drink and listen to live music? I usually travel Carnival or RCCL (my first with MSC this Aug). Though I never been on any of the gigantic ships, I guess I got spoiled to Carnival's amenities 🙂
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