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  1. Having cruised on the Escape and the Gem, I find it somewhat easy to sum up a comment. Basically, it depends on your style of cruising and your expectations. The Gem is a fabulous ship if you want to relax. There are plenty of places to enjoy and the food was outstanding. If you were undecided about your choice for dinner, the waiters brought you both. The crew did everything they could to assist whatever needs you might have had. The Casino was smaller, but I found it more forgiving and not nearly as crowded as the casino on the Escape. Being on the Gem is an experience you will not forget. The Escape is a different story. Although the cruise was good, it was much toooo crowded for me. Trying to get an elevator could be very difficult. The activities for the kids were great and plentiful, but walking the plank and ziplining are not what I need on a cruise. The Casino was always very crowded and the machines were tighter than tight. It was often difficult to get reservations at the Specialty restaurants, but they were good if you got lucky. Both ships were clean and comfortable and there were many places to order a drink if you wanted one. Hope you have a great cruise, whichever ship you pick.
  2. My scooter was rented from Scootaround. It was waiting for me in my stateroom as soon as I boarded the ship. Passengers were not allowed to go to their staterooms before 1:30pm, but I was allowed to go in my for my scooter and leave. NCL had an escort wheel me from the check in point in the terminal to my stateroom to pickup my scooter. I was able to take it at that point and go to lunch at Taste. The ferry is not far at all and the path is level. Its location is right there at the marina. Anyone with a scooter is able to board and disembark before any other passengers. The ride to Hamilton takes about 20 mins. and is very pleasant. The phone number for Scootaround is 1-888-441-7575. Extension 6255 or 6249 should put you in contact with Michele. She handled everything perfectly. Have a great cruise
  3. Rented a scooter and was able to take it off the ship with no problem. It was simple to get on the ferry to Hamilton and those with mobility issues have priority boarding and disembarking. Went shopping in Hamilton and had lunch there as well. No problem at all. It was also easy to visit the many places at the Dockyard. After using the scooter all day, the charging gauge never moved. The convenience was amazing. Hope you all have a great cruise.
  4. F.Y.I.....there are hairdryers in the room and they work well. The shampoo and conditioner are combined in the same dispenser, but I brought a small bottle of my own. The liquid body wash is in a dispenser in the shower as well and there is bar soap and body lotion (lemongrass) at the sink. If you have any other questions, just ask.
  5. We leave on the Escape next Sunday and your review was very helpful. Thank you .
  6. Thank you, everyone. Sounds cool! 😀
  7. Would someone please tell me what the Snow Room is all about on the Escape? Appreciate your reply.
  8. Great job with the photos and information, Pete. Now I'm more anxious than ever for the 23rd. Thank you.
  9. Going on June 23rd. Would love to see the Dailies. Thanks and everyone enjoy your cruise.
  10. All of the places mentioned seem wonderful, but for many reasons, I love going to Bermuda. Have been there several times and am still looking forward to returning in June. Wherever you choose to go....ENJOY!
  11. When are you going to be taking your tour? I'll be on the Escape the week of June 23-30th.
  12. Glad someone asked this question. Will be spending 2 nights in Dockyard on the Escape in June and was wondering about the Casino. Thanks.
  13. Yes, it did when I sailed on her.....that was less than a year ago. Enjoy the Gem. Very nice ship.
  14. Thank you, jtheile. Much appreciated.
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