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  1. Bummed they just cancelled our stop to Ocean Cay. Sigh. Leaving this Sunday. 😟
  2. I use Travel Pro luggage. The small carryons fits under the seat on my rural carrier and major carriers and international flights. I’ve had this for about five years and it‘s still perfect but then again this luggage line is used mostly by airline crew, however anyone can purchase it.
  3. Hi! I’m embarking on the ship the day you disembark. Please post a review if you can. Have a great time!
  4. Thank you so much for your review. I appreciate it. I leave on a Seminar at Sea (for travel agents) Nov. 17th and I’m a little worried about the food! I’m bringing wipes to stay healthy. thanks!!
  5. As a woman, I always bring a black and white open sweater to put over dresses IR tops. I find the air conditioning in the dining room is chilly. I bought mine at Amazon. They mace many colors. enjoy your cruise!!
  6. So thankful for this post!!! Thanks. Three weeks until the Meraviglia.
  7. Agree! I’m so thankful to read some positive reviews. I’m going to a seminar at sea for Travel Agents (snd many other non-TA folks.) we have s Fantastica balcony but unfortunately the cruise is only four nights, five days. Three weeks and we are on our way!
  8. I would take two cruises. Two cruises is better than one fantastic one.
  9. I just found out the status match expires in three years if you haven't taken a cruise and you can't apply again. We had planned to take a cruise but couldn't, so I guess that window has closed.
  10. I'm with XBGuy! I may have a granola bar but I'm going to eat when I get on the ship!
  11. Wow, stunning dresses!! I'm a long time cruiser but first time to this thread. Gorgeous dresses! Wow, you all are so generous! Mary
  12. It is wonderful to hear of a good review! I'm upbeat and positive, will try not to drive the staff crazy lol. Mary
  13. I'm sorry, I mean recent to USA cruising. Should have stated that. Mary
  14. Hi everyone! Being that MSC is a newcomer to cruise ships, I wondered if you all could post something you figured out on your cruise or questions regarding MSC. I've used this on other boards and it's super helpful. Thanks, Mary
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