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  1. There was a mix of nationalities at Christmas on Divina. While they may get Americans into YC, the service will not retain them. We status-matched to Black (now Diamond) and the YC service on Divina was worse than the regular cabin on the Seaside. We sailed the Seaside to protect our status-match - we were coming up on three years without an MSC cruise, so we would have reverted to entry-level. We booked a cheap Seaside cruise to keep our Black status. After the Seaside cruise, my wife (a rabid Norwegian fan) was actually anticipating the YC experience, but after it, will proba
  2. That was my issue at Christmas. I spent a LOT of time in Europe for work and pleasure, and I have never had the low level of service we were subjected to in the Yacht Club at Christmas. I would avoid the Divina. Many Europeans seem to be very defensive about MSC because it is a European line. So, any complaints from the US tend to be dismissed as “Americans need too much hand-holding.” No, Americans want to get what we paid to receive.
  3. MSC is an Italian company. They have a huge presence in Europe and are just now getting serious about the US. There will be a lot of Europeans on your cruise, more than on any other line. Because the ships have a multitude of Europeans onboard, MSC sees no reason to actually cater to Americans. If you don’t deal with multiple languages spoken all around you, you won’t be happy. If you don’t deal with people that have a completely different idea of personal space, you won’t be happy. I enjoyed our cruise on the Seaside in May. There was plenty to do, lots to eat. I was hap
  4. We were getting ready to disembark and I agree that if it were an emergency, it would make sense, but the part of it I overheard sounded like a personal phone call. I didn’t speak with the YC director because we had spoken with him about another issue earlier in the week and he was useless.
  5. The YC concierge is great until the day you’re trying to ask a question and she gets a phone call on her mobile, wanders off into the office, closes the door, and doesn’t come back - and there’s no backup. That was quite possibly the worst service I have had anywhere.
  6. MSC is unpredictable which is why we probably won’t sail with them again. Based on our Seaside cruise in May, it was a good cruise line. Based on the Divina in the Yacht Club over Christmas, it was one of the worst cruises our of the 21 we’ve been on. So, you roll the dice. Others have said each ship is its own line of business and runs basically independently, so we had people tell us “Yacht Club on Seaside is much better than on Divina.” If I’m paying extra for extra services, I don’t want to find out later I picked the wrong ship. I enjoyed Seaside. Divina is a beautif
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