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  1. I’m sorry but, do you seriously need clarification as to what’s going on in the world in regards to this Virus ???? Over 100,000 infected, close to 4000 deaths, the virus is being carried by every mode of transportation possible, and you need clarification ??? Do you honestly think that every one of those 4000 deaths are elderly people...OMG people, wake up ...Please.
  2. Keep in mind that air travel is the way this virus has spread from country to country. The whole travel industry is in a very precarious situation right now.
  3. This person “Needed” to be tested as she was experiencing symptoms since she had been with a family member who had the virus. She was refused testing.
  4. Is there a Happy hour for Elite and above on embarkation day ?
  5. As one poster on a similar topic once wrote, Cruise lines count on the "customer", to pay a portion of its employees salary by instituting gratuities on the accounts.This creates a much better bottom line for the cruise companies. Now, if all customers refused to pay the gratuities, cruise lines would be forced to pay their employees decent salaries or else the turnover of employees would be enormous, or the cruise lines, could also up the cruise fare. The Aussies have this gratuity issue figured out. Remember now, for those that have issues with the gratuities, you can always remove them from
  6. We booked a sunset balcony on deck 7 of the Eclipse. After viewing the back of the ship on a youtube video, I notice that not all balconies are the same size. Both 7364 and 7360 seem about 30% bigger. Can anyone confirm this ? It's very clear on the video that they are.
  7. If someone is drinking 15 drinks or more “per day”..... they may want to visit the AA Club....I hear it’s a Very Social Group🙄😁
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