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  1. Yes it was very close. Actually right as you get off the ship and go through customs. It's just across the street. As long as you can understand your Uber driver they can tell you right where they are parked. Uber also gives you a description of the vehicle. We are sailing in a couple of weeks and are using Uber to get us from the Port of Miami to FLL.
  2. Thank you jag.wsfd. We honestly have yet to get a bad deal using Hotwire or Priceline considering the cost.
  3. Ended up with this hotel on Hotwire. Has anyone stayed here or have an opinion?
  4. I just booked an extended balcony on the Miracle. Price was great! Have had a regular balcony many times and just curious whether, under normal circumstances you would pay for the larger space. There is just two of us.
  5. We always fly Southwest and need to check in and print boarding passes 24 hours before the flights. We buy the 24 hour Internet package which includes the use of the printer. Complained about the fact that we had to spend $16 dollars to use the Internet for a few minutes. They used to offer cheaper packages, I think it could have been so much a minute.
  6. Just booked this cruise as well. Balcony cabin at OV rates! Got an extended balcony which we've never had. Would never spend the extra money for it but it was like $20.00.
  7. My husband plays all the time on Facebook but I had to set him up with a special account without friends. It will blow up your friends timelines. Also is there a way to know early enough when a cruise, any cruise becomes available. For free we would go out of any US port, on any ship, going anywhere but by the time we see them, they are already sold out.
  8. Got a really cute pair on the ship for $15.00
  9. Thank you so much for your input. I will definitely look into the Uber option from Pensacola - that thought never even entered my mind. It looks like we can rent a car at PNS and drop it off at the Mobile airport for about $80 total. Then probably take an Uber from the airport to the cruise port (which would all have to be done following the cruise as well).
  10. Thank you! Looks like not a lot of options in Mobile.
  11. Sorry for the long title but wasn't sure how often this topic had been covered. We are flying into Pensacola (seeing our grandson in the Navy). We will be renting a car at the airport and would like to drop if off near the Mobile Cruise Port. Anyone done this? What are our options? While we cruise often, never been our of Mobile before - a new adventure!
  12. I think the rooms right in the middle are a little bigger then the ones on each end. I couldn't find any pictures either.
  13. Thank you so much for your response. There are actually a couple of aft rooms available on the Empress deck as well but I was concerned about the noise.
  14. We are looking at booking the Fantasy for January and are considering OV rooms facing the back of the ship (M265 & M267). Anyone ever stay in rooms facing the back of the ship (verses on the sides)?
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