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  1. After viewing Youtubes I have decided not to book a cabana! Hope making correct decision
  2. Glad I just completed mine 5 minutes ago for March 3 cruise!
  3. I took my 9 year old granddaughter on her first cruise last year! Please make certain you have a letter from parents giving you permission to take child. She and I had a wonderful time. She did not want to attend Adventure Club. She loved to do mountain climbing and Flow Rider. We were on Freedom! We went on an excursions at every port! Believe me each night we were in bed early! Now her younger sister wants me to take her on a cruise!
  4. i am on March 3 cruise! If I have time will let you know about her on cruise!
  5. Leticia is definitely my genie on Harmony in March! Have received several emails from her already! We had a great genie on Allure (Susan). Have been impressed with emails!
  6. We had Star Class on Allure. It was one of my best cruises ever! We are booked on Harmony in March on Star Class. I am very impressed with our Genie! She has already emailed me many times! Very impressed! We are definitely foodies and having all food included is excellent! Being escorted off the ship was a highlight!
  7. You are enjoying my favorite room of all my cruises! My daughter and her family and I had the best time on Allure in your cabin. John was also our excellent cabin attendant. Susan was our genie. I have booked same cabin for us on Harmony in March. Enjoying reading your posts! Thank you!
  8. I do not recommend the hike! Spend more time in Pompei
  9. Thank you for review! Your children are adorable. Taking my 3 year old grandson and 5 year old granddaughter on March cruise! How old is your youngest son? Definitely can see my grandson adoring Sandy also!
  10. Thank you for information! Have never been asked to download picture at check-in. However think might be requested for Harmony check-in for March cruise. Taking two young grandchildren. Was not pleasant trying to get passport pictures so hoping we can wait until we are at the ship!
  11. Do you need a cabana on Suite Beach? Will be traveling with 2 young grandchildren. Have been to Castaway Cay (Disney private island) with them several times and did not need a cabana!
  12. I have booked Dingo tours for September. Has anyone used them?
  13. What currency do food trucks take? I definitely want to try them!
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