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  1. We are staying for two nights pre cruise in April, just before sailing over Easter on The Royal Princess. As we are Floridians and live close to all four of our Ports (Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Tampa and Port Canaveral), this is the first cruise EVER, that we are flying to the other coast to sail from. I am so excited and feel it is going to be awesome to enjoy The Queen Mary before our Royal Princess cruise.
  2. This April, we are sailing on The Royal Princess and arriving two days before sailing, on a Thursday. We booked The Queen Mary for two nights for nostalgia reasons and it's proximity to the entertainment district of which they also have a shuttle from and back to the hotel. There is no shuttle from The Queen Mary to the San Pedro World Cruise Center where The Royal Princess sails from, so we intend to take Uber ($15) to the ship. The only cruise ships that sail out of the Pier next to The Queen Mary are "Carnival" specific ships.
  3. Yes, if you booked thru Casino's at Sea or a land based Host, then your special Casino Cards will be waiting for your in your stateroom, and based upon the expected gaming level, your drink accommodations while gaming will also be attached, however, if you have the drink package, there is no need for the comp drinks from the Casino. They honor that at all bars and outlets. Have fun!
  4. Finally, the long awaited Halloween 2018 portrait of JW (cruiseguys) as Snow (Joe) White, being given the poison apple by the incredible Captain Kate, the first American Female Captain of a cruise liner. Much more to come from Halloween 2018 aboard The Celebrity Equinox. It was an off the chain, rip roaring event, well planned and executed and attended by hundreds of passengers in costume. Captain Kate is an amazing, articulate, and one of the most accessible Captains we have ever experienced in our 55 sailings across all cruise lines since 2009. We also got the opportunity to meet her adorable kitty cat Bug Naked in person.
  5. Sorry, My Bad. I'm sailing on The Equinox, Edge and Reflection and did not think about the others. However, with that being said, the In Room Dining menu is exactly the same on all three.
  6. If you download the Celebrity Cruise app to your phone, once it recognizes you, your reservations number, sail date and your cabin, it will provide all the menus including In Room Dining for your cabin category. I've got all my menus planned for breakfast in bed and what I am ordering in the MDR for dinner.
  7. We just provided our Drivers License and Credit Card. We brought along our Mask, Fins and Snorkel gear and stopped twice to snorkel and was not worried a bit. I really don't foresee need for a special license for snorkeling along the public areas specifically placed for this activity
  8. I saw that but I am too afraid and scared to do this. And..... since I don't like roller coasters, tight curves, speed and off road vehicles, this would not be for Jerome and myself.
  9. He was talking about snorkeling on the golf cart tour not on woodwind.
  10. The snorkeling is awesome and we did that a few years ago. The past three out of four cruises in the last two years we have done the carts and each time there is something new to discover that we missed the last time. And everyone in Bonaire is so friendly!!!
  11. You know, it never occurred to me as we are from South Florida and are used to the heat. Though once we rounded the corner to the east side of the island on the carts, the waves and breeze picked up and it was thrilling. Yes, in November, January and March, the three other times we were in Bonaire in the past three years, it was warm. But, we stopped our golf cart at several beaches and took a dip to cool off, then stopped at the slave huts, and later, loved the bars for libations while we dipped our toes in the ocean drinking our cocktails. I can definitely understand though if some are susceptible to heat. Thanks for chiming in, nice hearing from you!
  12. A mask and a snorkel and fins. Walmart carries all of it. I would hesitate to purchase it on amazon because I like to try on a mask for the snug fit around my face before purchasing it.
  13. Thank you for letting us know about the third person. I checked with the cart company and they did have 4 person golf carts but no longer. They took them out of service recently, only 2 person carts now. What a great idea to do both, however, in the case of taylortime05, 7AM arrival and 3PM departure cuts it close, could be busy busy busy! Our arrival on November 1st is 7AM to 4PM, but we still have to be back on the ship by 3PM. Did you find the north tour longer? What did you feel in your opinion made it better? I am curious to compare notes.
  14. 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. With Woodwind, which is awesome by the way, a person is not seeing the country/island, just the water and about an hours worth of shopping before getting back on the ship. With the Golf carts we get to immerse ourselves in the country, stopping along the way on special beaches to snorkel or sun bathe, see the salt mountains, the flamingo sanctuary and then enjoy a local lunch at a food truck or three, then libations ocean front in beachie shacks reminiscent of real Tiki huts. Before cancelling anything, check with the golf cart company because chances are, the golf carts are already sold out for your sailing.
  15. Thank you. It is really so awesome and now with so many Celebrity Ships doing the ABC islands, this is one excursion we thoroughly enjoyed and truly recommend. And don't forget snorkeling equipment! Amazing shallow waters along the way. Plus, no real traffic worries, which was my concern. The island as such, is a small, close knit community, that everyone watches out for the golf carts. No chance of getting lost either as all roads lead to the port! Enjoy! Know that you are lucky as they sell out months in advance.
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