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  1. Feel free to ask questions - happy to help! ☺️ She did it, and said that it was kind of boring - actually, the Entourage staff gave the teens a heads-up that it wasn't a super exciting event even before they attended it. They enjoyed going into the "staff only" area and riding the staff elevator. They basically toured the trash compartment (which she said was stinky!), saw the staff lounge/bar (which she says is called "the library") and learned a bit about health and safety. We've done behind-the-scenes tours of both the bridge and galley on other ships, and it didn't sound anything like our experience... too bad, really. I'd say that unless your teen is particularly fascinated by the inner workings of a ship, this is an easy miss.
  2. And we're back! Please find attached the Entourage Teen Lounge schedule from the Norwegian Breakaway, Feb 17-24, 2019... our daughter, who is 13, absolutely loved her experience and I'm happy to answer any questions (or pass them on to her, if I can't answer them myself, since adults weren't allowed inside except for during day 1 registration!) The scans somehow ended up upside down and I've tried to rotate them, but when I save and close they keep reverting - probably best to download them and rotate them on your PC... 🙂 ~ Summer Entourage 1.pdf Entourage 2.pdf
  3. Hey gang! We’re off the ship but not back home yet (spending a couple days in NOLA first)... we’ve got the activity schedule though & will scan & post once we get home to Canada ☺️
  4. We aren't sailing until February 17. Is your sailing after that? If so, we could scan and send once we return... we have a 13-year-old who will be in the Entourage Teen Club for the first time during that sailing... Until then, hopefully someone else will post (because we'd love to see that in advance too!)
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