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  1. For our 5 day cruise on Destiny the Fromal night is the second night. So I can't gaurentee that is the case on Glory, but seems like a safer bet. If your first day is at sea I'd think it even more likely.
  2. I don't know but I really have to reverse this question in my head for it to make sense. Something along the lines of how much less would you expect to pay if the MDR was not available? I mean we all know cruise prices fluctuate up and down so to think of paying more for someting I get already? Hard to imagine. But what if that 5 day bargain rate cruise I got for $250 was reduced to $200 but no MDR. What if that $800 balcony was reduced to $750? Still a good deal? So I dunno. I do know that I like the MDR and it tends to be a highlight of the cruise. So all in all I'd like to keep it and pay what I'm paying now. :-)
  3. I know this is not a popular opinion but... Insurance companies are in the business of making money. They do this by collecting more in insurance premiums than they pay out in claims. If you have a story about how far ahead you are becasue of your travel insurance that's all well and good, but understand that you are in the minority. If you were the majority then how would the companies make any money? It's like gambling at a casino. I'm sure we've all heard stories of people hitting it big and taking home thousands of dollars. But Casinos are in the business of making money and they do so by taking in more in bets than they pay out in winnings. The people who hit it big are the excpetion. In the long run the house and the insurance company always win.
  4. If you are leaving the same day you get into the Airport I do highly reccommend SAS. They are fast, convienent and cheap where the rental car pick up alwasy seems to take longer than it should. If you are coming in the day before then renting a car can be the way to go. I perosnally used Dollar and they had a drop off at one of the hotels a fe miles from the port. It was very quick and easy, if a little chaotic in front of the hotel. Even if you do rent a car for the trip to the port, you can still book your return through SAS. That is what we did on our last cruise and it could not have gone smoother.
  5. SanJoseGal I want to beleive that letter too. As I said it is well written, but the discrepancies still bother me enough tht like you I've been putting on my detective hat. I posted to the main Carnival thread, but after a few well intentioned but unhelpful responses it was taken down. I'm not sure what I did wrong there but just fair warning. (I was responding to the responses I got so I may have been viewed as bumping... not intended)
  6. Great review. I was on that sailing (in fact I think I stood in line with you at guest services) and you really captured how I felt about the trip too. It was fun. The crew was great, but the weather just sapped alot of the fun out of the trip. My first cruise was laos on Destiny and I agree that this cruise has not left me quite as eager to book again. (although I did pick up a FCC) I don't know, I sort of want to move on and do somethign different, but lets face it... I didn't get to do any of the things I planned on doing this cruise so I should probably just book the same itinerary again. Bottom line: I want a Do-over.
  7. Sigh... Thank you SanJoseGal for the research. The reponse you received was much better written than the one I got. I don't think anyone here is a good guy or a bad guy. The response is clear and contains dates, times and figures that make it fairly credible. There are two things that bother me however. I'm bothered that I've still yet to hear of anyone who went cave tubing that day. Not here, not on the ship. No where. Yes it's a big ship and yes most people are not on CC... but seriously... not one? I'm bothered by the fact that Island marketing appears to have the number of people who missed the excursion wrong. If Murphynest was 8 people and my group was four people then more than 8 people or 5% missed this tour. It may have been generalization, but it's not presented like that. But even if it was... the only 2 groups to not go on this excursion find this thread and no one who went did? All in all... it's $40 and well... I was caught in the middle either way. How upset would I have been if I had shown up for this excursion and the river had not been reopened at the last minute as they say it was? Unlike Murphynest at least me and my group got to do something we enjoyed. I'm just not happy I was forced to make that decision and I think I agree like Murphynest the lesson learned here is that there are plenty of options out there that do not require a deposit and maybe I should look harder at those in the future. Also, let me say this. If the reponse SanJoseGal got from Island Marketing is true, then I am thaankful that they did realize the odd situation and make an exception for us and only charge us the deposit. They were within thier rights to charge for the full tour and did not and I appreicate that.
  8. Not EXACTLY the response I was looking for but... I got a response from Carnival. Here is what they told me. Thank you for your patience while we researched your inquiry. This will confirm that the Cave Tubing tour on the CARNIVAL VALOR was cancelled because the Sibun River was closed by the Park Rangers in the morning. The river was reopened sometime during the day but it was to late to run our tours at that time. If you should have any further questions, please contact us at guestcare@carnival.com. We do hope you enjoyed your cruise aboard the CARNIVAL VALOR and will give us the opportunity to welcome you back again soon. So I suppose it's POSSIBLE that X-Stream either waited longer and left once it was confirmed open, or went up while it was closed hoping it would be open by the time they got up there. Either way I'm not sure what I as a cruise passanger should believe. I really wish that carnival would provide me with what I asked them for which is thier contact with the river. If I could speak to those Rangers I could get things like times etc. When it reopened is obviously key.
  9. @Sanjosegal Thank you for letting me know that you have informed Island Marketing about this issue and the feedbakc they are receiving. Thier response strikes me as not having a lot of substance to it. @Murphynest Ummm... WOW... that was a considerably worse answer than I was expecting. The no answer on the telephone line is disturbing. The fact that you could not find people a the normal booth also agrees with what I found when I was on the pier. So when you did find thier booth did they offer to take you on the excursion? When i contacted them they said that the tour went off as scheduled. I'm finding this harder and harder to believe. I put a call into Carnival to see if they could let me know who told them that the river was closed. While I do believe that Carnival wants my money, I find it hard to believe that they think the best strategy to do so is to cancel thier own tour. I do not think that Island Marketing has any intention on refunding my deposit and will most likely have to resort to contesting the charge with my credit card company.
  10. @SanJoseGal: Thank you for the information. I've got some feelers out there, but will give that number a call if they do not pan out. I booked the excursion through Island Marketing with Cave tubing X-stream. THey have had good reviews and I did not expect this response. The bottom line is that I have two companies that have fed me conflicting information. I'm just trying to figure out which one was correct. @ Fourseventeen: Thank you for telling me what I should have done. This is most helpful in this situation as I was about to step into my Time Machine and go do just that. I espeically appreicate you taking the time to answer my questions with relavent information. FYI: The announcement was from the cruise director on the ship stating that the Belize government had closed the river used for cave tubing. As we had already missed 2 port days due to poor weather we did not want to risk losing another so we booked a new excursion on the ship. When we got to the pier I asked for the tour operators booth, there was no one manning it at the time. The tour we went on was very tight on time and I did not have time to go looking for the tour operators again when we got back to the pier. I'm inclined to believe the announcement made on ship only because, the weather had been so bad, and if the river was open, why would the ship risk having to return all the money from the cave tubing excursions they had booked? If the worst thing that happens here is I lose my deposit, well, so be it. I had a good time in Belize. We were one of the last people to get on the tour we eventually did take. I would rather lose the deposit than have been stuck without an excursion on that day.
  11. So I was on the Valor on September 30th. We received an announcement that the government had closed the river for Cave Tubing which did not suprise me given all the rain they had had. So me and my companions made other plans. However, the company I had an excursion booked with is telling me that the excursion went off as planned and will of course not refund my deposit. Suffice it to say, this has me a little confussed as someone appears to have given me misinformation. So did anyone go Cave Tubing September 30th? If so who was your tour company? (If your cave tubing was canceled that would also be helpful information to know.) Thank you all for the help.
  12. I must say that I've noticed more of an upswing myself. I'm sailing late September and have been watching my early saver rate like a hawk (as well as the reates of almost every other similar cruise that month.) We booked at $399 (Yeah inside 4A the cheap seats) and got price reductions down to $349 (past guest). Today they are asking $549. So yeah I'm seeing an upswing. No OBC, or Free upgrades for me, but still nice to know I'm paying a lot less than I could be.
  13. THank you for what is making for an excellent review. Me and my friends are heading out in exactly one months time and are enjoying the preview of things to come.
  14. You are absolutely right. Travel insurance is a great value if you need it. If something happens, it is well worth the money you paid. All I'm am saying is that the vast majority of people don't need it. At a bare minimum, for every person that needs the $100,000 med evac there are 2000 people that paid thier $50 and did not file a claim. And BTW that's only if you figure the the ins company had no costs and made no profit. {{Redicilous Example Incoming}} Tell you what. I'd like to sell you some Meteor Insurance. If an meteor hits your home, it could be devestating. You could lose your home and everything you own. But if you pay me $50, then you're covered and I'll pay for whatever damages that meteor does to you, or your property. Interested? Probably not, becasue the odds of your home being hit by a meteor are so low that you'll most likely never collect. Well Travel insurance is the same thing. The Ins company knows how likely it is that they will have to pay a claim and are charging accordingly. Can I afford to pay a $100,000 med evac? No, I cannot but I also can't afford to buy a new house if mine gets hit by a meteor.
  15. OK.. I don't buy travel insuance and the reason is Math. Insurance companies are in the business of making money. If they charge you say $100 for insuarnace they are in a sense saying it is 10 times more likely that you will file no claim, than it is that you will file a claim for $1,000. I've heard the horror stories too. And I'm sure that there are people that have had their bacon saved by having travel insurance. But the insurance industry is still making money. So that means that they are still collecting more in premiums than they are paying out. So for every person that has that 10k medical evacuation covered by travel insurance, there were at least 100 people paying $100 a person that didn't file a claim. Now if it helps you sleep at night to know you are covered then go ahead and do it. Is it worth the $50 or $100 it costs? Maybe it is. But the math is totally on the side of the insurance co.
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