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  1. Hi Do you know if MSC is cruising to Cape town from Europe in Nov 2021? I am sure I saw this cruise advertised but can't find it now. Thanks
  2. Hi Does anybody know what has happened to the Roll Call for this cruise?
  3. Hi Amion68, We are in the same situation, booked flight, hotel and cruise package with 118. Contacted them on 16th March when MSC were offering refunds to UK passengers. If I had booked separately I could have had a refund directly, instead I was told to wait my turn, everything would be fine, and I would be refunded in due course. However MSC reneged on that deal and we are now only offered FCC. This is the only itinerary we are interested in, and like you cannot travel next April because of prior plans for next year. British Airways are offering refunds and again if we had booked separ
  4. MSC are not refunding UK passengers all. Apparently they have changed their policy. Please let me know if anybody else finds themselves in this position.
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