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  1. Zitsky, several of our MO optional excursions sold out quickly - Evening gondola ride (Venice), Historic Religious sites (Marseilles), and Krka National Park. If any of those are 'must do's' for you, I'd consider setting your alarm to get up and be ready to book when your booking window opens.
  2. K9pal

    Random thoughts on my first VO cruise

    On our November river cruise, we had only the duvet - no top sheet. Never saw our steward (actually, stewardS, as we were on 3 different boats due to swapping).
  3. All the different experiences mentioned are interesting. We were on our second river cruise in November, received an invitation in our cabin for the Explorer gathering. It was very nice - open bar, appetizers, intro to the staff and captain, thank you speeches, and a shot of Aquavit for toasting. Got back to the room and had 2 logo shot glasses as a gift! Also got to select a free gift from a mailing shortly before we left.
  4. K9pal

    Corfu - Theotoky Winery excursion

    I just looked at our shore excursion details, and there is no mention of a tasting. However, I can't imagine that you would go to a winery and not get a tasting. And it does indicate this tour includes a 'snack'
  5. K9pal

    Mediterranean Odyssey - Rome excursion

    Dauntless gave you the same info on the ItalyTours that I have. On the day we are there the Vatican is closed, so we have been told they will fill the extra time in however we want. They will meet us at the ship with an 8 person tour van. The cost is $99 euros plus the Colosseum tour which is an add'l $24 Euros (skip the line tickets). The ship tour for the full day is $199 USD, so we are still saving $$, and have a much smaller group (no more than 16 people per guide). We can cancel with a full refund right up to 24 hrs in advance I believe, and they are VERY responsive to all questions. While I haven't been on any tours with them yet, I can say that so far I am very impressed. They also get high ratings on Tripadvisor.
  6. K9pal

    Mediterranean Odyssey - Rome excursion

    Yes, the ship actually docks in Civitavecchia, not Rome. According to our shore excursion offerings for our March cruise, the HIghlights of Rome tour leaves at 7:45am and returns at 6:15pm. Only one time is offered. We are choosing to do the Rome tour with ItalyTours instead. It also leaves at 7:45am and is an 8 hour tour, but a smaller group, more sights included and less $$. Is that the tour group you were looking at? They also offer private tours at a higher cost, but we are doing one with others from the ship (8).
  7. We are thinking of ordering this hanging organizer for our upcoming cruise, due to lack of drawer space. Anyone think it would be worth it? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001QMPK1K/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=A2RH9U3QZZ2Q1Y&psc=1
  8. K9pal

    Can you describe the VO passenger demographic?

    We have only been on Viking River (VO coming up in March!), but we've noticed a great mix of ages and interests. On our November VRC cruise we had young (20's), old (fellow celebrating his 90th birthday), gay, several races and nationalities. All had a great time and felt accepted, and made for a great cruise with many interesting people.
  9. K9pal

    Prepaid Gratuities?

    Thanks for the clarification, philw1776! I just assumed VO used Euro currency onboard, since VR did. In that case I see no advantage to prepaying, unless it's just for convenience.
  10. K9pal

    Prepaid Gratuities?

    If done is USD on board, there isn't any advantage in my opinion. On the river cruises, they were done in Euros. Thanks!
  11. K9pal

    Prepaid Gratuities?

    I noticed that on My Viking Journey, we have the option to prepay gratuities before our upcoming cruise. I'm assuming Viking Ocean uses the Euro currency on board, like Viking River. Is that correct? If so, it makes sense financially to prepay. Just wondering what others have done, or what the thoughts are regarding prepaying gratuities.
  12. Thank you! You've been a big help with answers to many of our questions so far 🙂
  13. We are in a V for our upcoming cruise in March, and we can book at 60 days. Is the DV also on 60 days? Just wondering how much competition I'll have (and if I should set my alarm that morning when our booking window opens).
  14. K9pal

    Viking in the Great Lakes

    I got the survey also, and it seems we are all in agreement that $10K for 2 weeks is exorbitant! My two main issues that I mentioned on the survey were that 2 weeks is too long, and $10K is too much.
  15. UPDATE: Just received notification that a voucher for $500/pp towards a future cruise is on the way. Happy with that!