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  1. Thanks for the info. It is disappointing to see no Circle Caribbean for January 2022 as that is the itinerary we are booked on for January 2021. If we need to cancel in 2021 there is no itinerary that interests me for 2022 as we have done all the others. I picked the Circle Caribbean for St. Vincent as that is the one port we have not visited. I could possible do the 2/27/22 but it would be during my mother's 98th birthday.
  2. Thank you. I chose the hotels in Dania beause the price is a lot lower.
  3. My go to hotel is booked for my next cruise in January, I don't know what is going on but I will keep watching. I found a good price at the Hyatt Place and Hyatt House in Dania (both the same price) and decided to try one of those if my regular hotel doesn't have any availability. Any recommendations on which one is better? I know the Hyatt House has a kitchen in each room, that I don't need, but is either one in a better location, away from traffic noise or have a better pool or breakfast? I have stayed in other hotels in that area and the traffic noise by the pool was awful. I'm trying to avoid that because it just isn't relaxing. Let's hope our cruises will be going soon and thank you for any information about these hotels.
  4. I have stayed here many times. Nice pool and nice location along the lake. You don't get the highway noise here because it is away from it. I have stayed at other hotels on the other end of the plaza and it was not pleasant sitting at the pool listening to the cars zipping by on 95. Nice walk to Miller's ( our favorite restaurant) and shuttle will also take you there if they are not busy with airport pickups. I have tried many hotels in the area and so far prefer this location. We have walked back from Miller's many times and have never seen any problems.
  5. Wonderful live thread!! Could you please tell me when the second formal night is on the Western part of your cruise? I know the first sea day is the first formal (except Christmas Day on your cruise) but not sure of when the second one would be with all of the port stops. Thank you
  6. Wonderful Review!! I love all of the food pictures. Can't wait to get on the Sky in a few weeks for our Western Caribbean sailing and try all of the new food items. I like Princess the best of all the cruise lines but I would sometimes get tired of getting the same food all of the time. Glad to see they are trying some new items. I have a great rest of your cruise!
  7. Thanks for taking the time to do this live thread. I am really enjoying it! Do you know if they still have the Princess Pop Choir? I have participated on previous cruises and I know the friend we are traveling with in January would love to participate.
  8. Thanks for doing this live report. We sail on the Sly in January and appreciate all of the info before the cruise. Hope the weather improves, I did see some sun in one of your posts, for the rest of your cruise.
  9. Thanks for your take on Take 5. Since jazz is my favorite type of music I am looking forward to this area on our cruise in January. What instruments make up the jazz band?
  10. Thank you for an excellent "live from" review of Sky Princess. It made me even more excited about our cruise in January.
  11. First let me say that I really like to book private tours but some locations I just feel safer with a ship's tour. We're going to Belize and I wanted to go to Lamanai Mayan Ruins. It is a little bit of a ride from port and I have never been to Belize before so I booked the ship's tour. Because I like to research everything I started to look for a private excursion to Lamanai. I found one at half the price of the ship's tour. I submitted the Best Price Guarantee paper work to Princess and it was approved. I ended up with $81 extra OBC pp for our cruise. That will buy a few extra drinks!! After having success with this excursion I booked one in Grand Cayman also at half the price and now I won't have to wait for a tender. This is the first time I have tried the Best Price Guarantee. I may do it again but I do like the personal attention and the better itineraries on private excursions.
  12. Thank you for the info I meant the cruise to Lamanai is about 30 minutes and the river cruise with Altun Ha is 2 hours.
  13. I can't decide which Maya ruins tour to take, either Lamanai or Altun Ha with a river boat tour. I have a lot of OBC so I am thinking of doing the tour with Princess because of the distance. Both tours include a river cruise, Lamanai is about a half hour and the Altun Ha is 2 hours. Lamanai includes lunch. I will also look into price matching with a private company. Thank you for any help you can provide.
  14. Thank you. This will save me some work.
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