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  1. Hi Jim, Great to hear from you. Clean eating is now a way of life for us, and probably back to shorter cruises. Our last two: 18 nights Sydney to Honolulu and 25 nights transAtlantic with a b2b around Ireland, Iceland etc were great and we are glad we did them when we could. We now spend over half the year in FL. Send me links to your last few cruises You can Email me at Best to Toni.
  2. Unfortunately we have never been big Luminae fans, but would like to sail Suites. DH ordered off the MDR menu most nights on our trans Atlantic last year. I don’t understand why they can’t include Everyday Favorites and in Luminae it should be grass beef: Filet Mignon, Wild Caught Salmon, Organic Chicken, Organic vegetables etc. The quality of the actual ingredients should be better than the MDR. That would put Luminae a cut above the main sailing experience.
  3. Thank you. We have sailed Aqua many times and love Blu and I know they will try to meet our requests. I was just surprised to see Blu did not by now use the same indicators as MDR which would have made it easier. We had to cancel our last two cruises for health reasons and I booked just a 5 night on the Infinity in March (a far cry from our 18 night and 25 night cruises of not too long ago). Fingers crossed this goes well and we actually cruise this time.
  4. Thank you, I found it. I was very disappointed to note the menus did not indicate gluten free, dairy free, etc. we might be better off in the MDR although right now the Verandas and Concierge are priced higher than Aqua Class where we are booked.
  5. Hi all, We are facing some new health issues which is curtailing our cruising. I had to cancel our cruise for this fall and moved it to one in March 2020. We have cruised all classes but I seem to recall that Blu might be the best fit for us. I have searched here but was unable to find any Blu menus. Can someone send me a link’ so i can do more research before final payment is due? Thank you so much for any help.
  6. I am enjoying your review. Is the reason the Equinox is docking at the Navy pier because the pier downtown has not rebuilt since the hurricane?
  7. Yes. The only category you can’t get a higher level is Suites.
  8. I, too am interested in the answer to this question. We are Elite, and after reading the reviews of the Edge and the Edgification, we have no interest in sailing on the refurbished ships.
  9. Anyone know why so many upgrades are not being done to the Equinox. We sail in October and it looks like the sky suites are not being touched and no hot tub on the Retreat. Deck, no changes to sone lounges, no change to Oceanview Cafe etc. Why bother calling it Revolutionized?
  10. Try https://www.escapewaikikitours.com/ we used him for an all day trip around the island but he will customize any trip for you. Great guy, very knowledgeable.
  11. I always clean the glasses on the ship and in hotel rooms with very hot water and soap. If the hotel gives me styrofoam coffee cups for the Keurig in the room I use these. I too saw the hidden camera episode on how the hotel maids were cleaning the glasses and since then I always clean them myself.
  12. Thank you for posting pictures. My first impression of the cabin is “this is not Modern Luxury!” It looks very spartan and bland. I truly hope they will not continue this lack of color scheme on all the other ships. And please enlarge the safe!
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