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  1. Anyone know why so many upgrades are not being done to the Equinox. We sail in October and it looks like the sky suites are not being touched and no hot tub on the Retreat. Deck, no changes to sone lounges, no change to Oceanview Cafe etc. Why bother calling it Revolutionized?
  2. Try https://www.escapewaikikitours.com/ we used him for an all day trip around the island but he will customize any trip for you. Great guy, very knowledgeable.
  3. I always clean the glasses on the ship and in hotel rooms with very hot water and soap. If the hotel gives me styrofoam coffee cups for the Keurig in the room I use these. I too saw the hidden camera episode on how the hotel maids were cleaning the glasses and since then I always clean them myself.
  4. Thank you for posting pictures. My first impression of the cabin is “this is not Modern Luxury!” It looks very spartan and bland. I truly hope they will not continue this lack of color scheme on all the other ships. And please enlarge the safe!
  5. Thanks for posting. It looks like an M class ship.
  6. Wow! Thank you so so much. Amazing pictures. I have 2 observations and perhaps it is only the way I viewed the pictures : - Cafe al Bacio looks like it had less seating than on the S Class ships -Retreat pool looks like very little loungers have shade I loved the new double loungers in the Solarium and the bathroom and decor in the Sky Suite( our preferred cabin category although not always in our budget)
  7. Not being able to order off the MDR menu in Luminae leaves the Edge out for us. DH almost exclusively orders off the MDR menu. Bummer.
  8. All the Celebrity ships have the pizza on trays.
  9. I dislike the “Champagne” on the classic package. I do like the Chandon which is included in the Premium Package. Also, you can get Evian and San Pellegrino on the Premium Package as well as better wines. For me, the upgrade is worth it.
  10. Interesting. We have always gotten the envelopes at Guest Relations for giving out our extra tips and written the persons name and a short note of thanks with our names and cabin number.
  11. Please bring back the old search function. (Actually bring back the old version completely). I was able to put in my CC name and up would come all the threads where I had participated. Now if I go to my profile and search I only get my latest post. I am not able to see the entire thread. And my Roll Call for Celebrity Infinity Nov 10, 2018 is missing.
  12. Yes I was on the Roll Call and it was active It is now not listed. That is my complaint. Please CC if you are monitoring these boards put back the old version until the new one is working. Better yet, leav3 us on the old version.
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