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  1. It will be interesting to see if SS makes a change on the Cyprus stops for the rest of the Silver Moon Greece itineraries. I saw Celebrity changed Cyprus to Dubrovnik last week on its Apex Greece cruises. I'm on the 8/17 sailing and am keeping an eye out for a potential itinerary change, given this news.
  2. I am getting so excited...but watching closely with the recent COVID news. I hope nothing changes with Silversea's execution over the coming weeks!!! I loved seeing your reports and there have been some fabulous pictures and reports over on the Silversea passengers Facebook page!
  3. A few weeks back, on a Facebook live event, Barbara Muckerman had mentioned that after the first few cruises, they were planning on opening up to 75%. It might be that people are more hesitant to cruise at the moment. I am on the 8/17 Silver Moon sailing and am eager to see how many people will be on board, but based on information from recent cruisers and other COVID-related news, the ship(s) may not see 75% for a while.
  4. Our August 15 flights were ticketed/appeared on My Silversea on Jun 21….so just under 60 days.
  5. Going on this excursion in August so thanks so much for the preview!
  6. Looking forward to hearing about your experience, Lois!
  7. We’ll be on the Moon August 17th and it’s our first time sailing with SS, so very much looking forward to any info/advice you are willing to share about your experience. Enjoy!
  8. On another board, people typed out their email addresses to connect on this. I am looking to potentially book an August Greece cruise. This would be a first SS cruise. Would someone be willing to provide a referral for the credit? You can contact me at joydellapina at gmail dot com. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi All, New to Seabourn and considering booking one of this summer's Greece itineraries on the Ovation. In looking at the Veranda Suites, the description has a size range of 246 to 302 square feet. Is there a certain location or deck on the ship where one can secure what's considered the larger size (302 sq. ft.) or is the size difference related to handicap accessible suites. Thanks!
  10. Yes, thank you for sharing, Terry. I couldn’t help but think to myself that I hope the Qatar Airways pilot alerted passengers that the fire engines spraying water over the plan was a celebration of its arrival and not an emergency 😀!
  11. Can you receive this referral credit if you book with a TA?
  12. @voyageur...Thanks...I did do 'homework' and the paragraph you excerpted has been on SS's website since they announced their Return to Sailing plan in April. I posed the question today based on the updated CDC mask mandate for cruises which they just issued this past weekend. I recognize it's intended for cruises in and out of US ports (that may head into international waters) but had heard its expectation is that all cruise operators with US interests comply. @Stumblefoot..thanks...that's what I am hoping--that even operators with US interests can run international cruises without this enhanced mask mandate, but hoping SS would confirm this new mandate will not apply before final payment is made.
  13. Hi All, For those of you venturing on a Silver Moon cruise this summer, have you received any details regarding mask requirements on the ship? I originally thought it would be required for all public indoor areas (except when seated for dining), but I now see reports that the CDC will require any cruise line that wishes to operate in US ports to comply with the requirement that masks be worn not only when dining, but also when on a ship's outdoor decks and at pools, regardless of being in international waters. We have a reservation (payment is due) for an August Silver Moon sailing and I would have an issue with having to wear a mask at dinner and at the pool/on outdoor decks. I have no issue wearing it in other public areas of the ship. I asked my TA, who went back to confirm with Silversea and the answer from SS wasn't very clear. It was along the lines of "we hope/believe these rules will be more relaxed by August". Is there anyone in this group that has booked the Greece itineraries that has heard anything different or more definitive than what I mentioned above? Thanks for any insights!
  14. Wow--that's pricey....Ours is a 7-night cruise but I'll call to see what the additional Wifi charges may be. Thanks, all.
  15. Hi All, Leaving in a couple of weeks for our first Regent cruise on June 25--very excited! Have a few random questions and hoping all you Regent experts can help out: 1) We have a large shipboard credit--can you give me some ideas about what one might spend it on to make the most of it--besides the obvious things such as spa treatments and wine/upgraded alcohol? 2) Wifi - We're in two of the basic suite categories. It says one device sign-on per room. Can you purchase additional packages and can you alternate devices with the one sign-on per room? 3) Could the ship's concierge arrange for any private excursions or private transportation needs (in advance of arriving in port)? Or can you only use them for the excursions listed on the website? 4) Does anyone have any of the recent "Passages" daily programs from Voyager or another Regent Med cruise? Just curious as to the typical programming--day and night. Thanks in advance!
  16. Does anyone know whether we'd have a difficult time getting lounge chairs at any of the better-known beach clubs (Club 55 or Les Palmiers) if we do not reserve in advance? We'd probably arrive around 10am to spend 4 or 5 hours. We're interested in a quieter beach club with nice facilities--less interested in needing to be at the hippest beach clubs with DJs and such. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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