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  1. Thank You so much for your response whystayathome in regards to the Coke Products on Seabourn. I am an addict like you but for Diet Coke. I detest Coke Light and am not a big fan of Coke Zero. I have never tried Caffeine Free Diet Coke but if they have that on board I know they'll have Diet Coke. Like you I drink it from the time I get up until I retire at night. I need the caffeine I guess like some people need regular coffee. Given the cruise I am taking on Odyssey is after the Alaskan Cruise Season I know they will most likely not have any Coke Light given that is usually available in
  2. Thank You for your excellent review and comparisons between Crystal Cruises and Seabourn Cruises 2Sailing Nomads. I found it to be extremely well written and really appreciate the time and effort you put into it. I so look forward to my first cruise on Seabourn. The crew and passengers sound like they are my type of people---friendly rather than snobby. Now let's hope this whole Covid-19 thing is a thing of the past by 10-2021. Or at the least procedures are put in place so that cruising can happen again and everyone on board whether it be crew or passengers are safe.
  3. Thank You so much tv24 a.k.a. Tom for your post. I found it be very informative and now I look forward to (hopefully) cruising on Seabourn next October even more. Be thankful you did not put any deposits down with Crystal as many passengers are having extreme difficulty getting their deposits/payments back from them on any cancelled cruises. You should read the threads about it on their Cruise Critic site. They appear to be near bankruptcy from what I can gather and appear to have been very deceptive to passengers that had deposits/payments on cancelled cruises and wanted their monies retu
  4. Thanks for the link whogo. What an interesting read.
  5. Thank you so much for your review Ovener. You would have just hated Crystal's standard balcony rooms as they are very small and cramped for two people. For a single passenger like myself they are fine. I saw Europa 2 in a port when I was on Crystal. What a ship that was!! They even had touring bicycles outside at the port for passengers to use--free of charge naturally! I have considered them too but since they really do not cater to Americans I have been hesitant to cruise with them. They are the highest rated ship in the world and since you have cruised on them you know why. In the f
  6. Thanks SusieQft for the lesson on how to paste a post. I appreciate it. I sure hope you enjoy your cruises on Regent. I cruised on Radisson Seven Seas on the Mariner before Regent bought them out and enjoyed it very much. However, Crystal was a better fit for me at that time. I am sure Regent has changed the product somewhat since I cruised on Mariner. I sure hope you are able to use your FCCs in the near future and cruising will be available. I, like you, am going to diversify my cruising experience once this whole Covid-19 is a thing of the past. I am still curious as to whether the
  7. On the above post made a mistake--the work stoppage was on a five day cruise on Serenity and not on the world cruise. I looked up the tread to confirm this. I would post the thread but I do not not how to do it--Sorry! It is on the thread on Seaborne's site titled "Seabourn Cruises vs. Crystal Cruises"--page 2 of the thread posted by saminina.
  8. In regards to my last post the reason I am so concerned about the crew is a poster on another site in a thread was on the last World Cruise and they noted a work stoppage by the crew similar to a "union strike". Whether this is true or not I do not know. But a work stoppage by the crew is not a very good sign as there is nothing worse for a company than many disgruntled employees.
  9. In response to seattleskibums question as to whether I would ever cruise on Crystal again my answer would be never--unless I had money to burn--which I don't. What I would like to know is if the crew has been paid for their time while on the ships or are they fighting to get their compensation owed to them like many of you are fighting to get your deposits/refunds back? If they are going through the same nightmare that many passengers are to get their monies owed to them let's put it this way--Crystal is finished. Let's hope and pray that is not the case. If this is not the case Crystal mi
  10. Thanks so much for the information sfvoyage. We can always try and give it a "whirl" so to speak. No harm done either way. It's nice to have positive hopes and thoughts especially in these times of Covid-19.
  11. THANKS so much MightyQuinn and Cabinboy2020. I really appreciate it and will sign in after I am done writing this. Take Care both of you!
  12. Hi Bill a.k.a. CabinBoy2020--Thanks for the response. Good luck trying to figure out how to do a roll call. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who really does not understand how the computer works. Take care my friend and I sure hope you are successful in starting a roll call for both your Alaskan Cruise and the one from at least Vancouver to L.A. Cordially,
  13. Hi CabinBoy2020, You will certainly enjoy seeing Alaska from the perspective of being on a ship. Seeing and hearing the glaciers is quite something. I see you suggested me doing a Roll Call for my sailing. I know this may sound crazy but how does one even do that? I am what some would call "computer illiterate."
  14. Hopefully we meet sometime and our paths will cross alwaysonaship. Until that time comes you stay safe. That is by far the most important thing for everyone these days. Cruising can always wait unless you are gone of course. And I sure don't want that to happen to anyone but in this new reality of a world it is happening every day. Take Care!
  15. So sorry to hear about your cruise in late September being cancelled alwaysonaship. But that's the way of the world these days it's so sad to say. If this thread is any indication of how friendly the guests and passengers will be onboard I will love my first cruise on Seabourn. I am so looking forward to it. I sure hope cruising resumes by then which is October, 2021. If not, I wonder if the whole cruise industry will be destroyed. I will probably love my first Seabourn cruise so much I will be hooked for life. I just hope we can all cruise safely in the near future not only for us but m
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