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  1. Hi texancruzer, we are doing the western med in 2 weeks and I like your idea of doing sundresses and taking a scarf... What kind of comfy shoes do you plan on wearing with the sundresses? I was going to do some tan nikes with capris, but, not sure how they will look with a dress...
  2. Here's our family picture from the Flavia Dining Room. Loved those red and white striped shirts the waiters wore.... ahh memories
  3. I am from America but now live in Australia. I haven't noticed a difference in the taste of beef here. In fact, the beef I have had here is quite yummy. I have noticed, though, that some of the cuts we are used to in America are not called the same thing here. I also just had a 5 week trip back to the States and didn't find any difference at all in the taste of the beef between the two countries at the present time. Maybe some cheeky chef tricked you and fed you kangaroo instead of beef when you were here... :) We did a cruise from Sydney to New Zealand a couple of years ago and I don't know this, but assume the beef would have come from Australia (or maybe New Zealand) just because I can't imagine the cruiselines paying extra to get beef from somewhere else when this particular ship was cruising between Australia and New Zealand during that season. I would probably be more worried about the beef coming from one of the Asian countries along the route... just my humble opinion. Hope this helps.
  4. Wow, thanks for starting this thread. Everyone is right... great little ship with lots of fun! I sailed on the Flavia as a 10 year old kid back in 1975 out of Miami. I shared a cabin with my parents with a tiny porthole and my brothers had a cabin near us. I remember the keys were the old fashioned skelaton looking ones. It was lots of fun with great midnight buffets, great music "si si si la la la"... Yes, I have the signed flavia album too with the great pic of the ship on the inside of the cover. Our waiter Mario used to sing "only 16" to me at the table every night while he pampered all of us. I too remember the local kids climbing up the ropes and diving for the quarters. They would store them in their mouths until it looked like their cheeks were going to pop! That cruise got me hooked on cruising! :D
  5. Hi, we are heading off on Voyager of the Seas in June and wonder if anyone has used the company Port Promotions for shore excursions in the Meditteranean? My cruise agent offers a discount on excursions booked through this company and I'm looking for feedback from people who may have used this company. Thanks!;)
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