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  1. Not to mention the somewhat "intangibles." I've had some amazing no-cost room upgrades booking through AMEX FH&R. I was upgraded on check-in to a $640/night room for 3 nights (from a $280 room).
  2. LOL. Cancelled and re-booked my premium beverage package on Princess. That + a massage triggered the $100 WLCL offer. These were on my BofA Travel Rewards card before moving to AMEX. 😛
  3. Strictly cruise fare. Paid off a $500 chunk of two upcoming 2020 cruises on Celebrity and Carnival. Gonna see if an online purchase for a spa treatment on Princess codes right to get the WLCL bonus.
  4. AMEX Platinum. It's normally $550 a year, but I get A $150 discount (because I have company-provided AMEX travel and p-cards), so my annual fee is $400. I usually recoup that in the first month or two; the rest is just gravy. The only other card I've seen with similar benefits is the Chase CSR. Great card, but doesn't align with my home airport.
  5. In my case, I spent $501 on my AMEX to pay off a chunk of two future cruises on Celebrity and Carnival each.
  6. Just got confirmation of two AMEX deals (less than 48 hours after spending): "We appreciate you using your Amex Offer at Celebrity. You'll be rewarded with a $150.00 statement credit, which will automatically be applied to your statement if your purchase meets the offer terms." and "Thank you for using your American Express® Card ending in XXXXX" at CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE RSVR. If your purchase meets the offer terms, you will have successfully redeemed the offer. Neither of them have posted a credit so far, but in my experience if they detect and send an email this early I'm going to get it. If you travel a lot, this card waaaaay more than pays for itself. I'm (spitballing) up ~$3K using it this year.
  7. The Celebrity offer is based on when you make a payment of at least $500, between 11/15 and 12/31... not the sailing date.
  8. I've had good luck calling AMEX when a charge doesn't "code" right to meet an offer. They were / are running an offer of $25 off each of two $50+ purchases online from Instacart, which I use. I didn't get the credit because Safeway bought them out and the charge now codes as Safeway (but still has "Instacart" in the details). Quick phone call sorted that out.
  9. Holy smokes. How did I not know this? Thanks for the tip. I found a few hundred ($605) back for things I'd spend (planned) money on in the future. There were a couple of hotel and car rental ones I'd never seen on the mobile app. I'd normally put them on another card with travel rewards, but there are some AMEX ones with a 20% money back.
  10. Be sure to actually log into your account on the AMEX website. This offer didn't show up in their mobile app, but did show up when I logged in directly on AMEX via their web site. I always assumed the website and app offers would be the same. Wrong.
  11. Personally, I just don't click on a post with dress-code stuff in the title, and if stumble into one that devolves into it, I just nope my way out with the back button. Same goes with smoking threads, tipping threads, casino threads, yadda when it's not a productive discussion. We'd have to have 30+ stickies to cover these common opinionated slap-flights.
  12. LOL. The punchline here is that a huge part of my day-to-day job is insuring PII data doesn't leak. Clearly, Celebrity is using data available from RCI, and being sloppy about it.
  13. Nope. And that's why I find this so odd. I haven't shared a cabin (on Royal) with my friend for ~10 years... but we've been on a lot of cruises on Royal together. Neither of us has ever sailed on Celebrity. He received this Celebrity email, not me and was (natch) confused by it.
  14. I could see this happening, but for me... nobody else has ever been associated with this booking. It's been me, and only me, since I booked it. RCI IT department strikes again, I presume.
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