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  1. Cruised on the Grand, January 22-25, 2020 for a brief jaunt down to Esenada out of SF. Ship was, overall, in very good shape. Cabins still look a little dated, decor-wise, but were in excellent condition. Food and service overall were very good. Comparing Princess' baseline food (coming from much more experience with RCI): pleasantly surprised. MDR Club Class dining was really nice. Specialty restaurants were great. Minor gripe: traversing the ship between fore and aft, you're going to do some up-and-down. Newer ships on most lines allow you to do this from upper
  2. Quick tip if you have both a personal AMEX platinum and a corporate AMEX (travel or p-card) provided by your employer. Call AMEX and ask for your personal card to be enrolled in the "Corporate Advantage" program. Your annual fee for your personal card will be dropped to $400/yr, saving you $150 annually. You'll still get hit with the $550 annual fee, but $150 will be refunded within 90 days.
  3. Annnnnd... as usual with anything to do with RCG's IT department, Celebrity's web site said my AMEX transaction was denied. It wasn't. On the AMEX side I have a pending $501 transaction that went through. *sigh*
  4. Thanks. Offer appeared on the IOS app (generic plat). Managed to get $100 and $150 off cruise offers last year on cruises that hadn't hit their final payment dates. If you don't see the offer on your mobile device, it's always worth checking on AMEX's web site. You won't see all the offers on mobile (50 vs. 100, I think).
  5. Oooh... nicely aged tawny ports. I'm a Madeira nerd, but old tawny port? Close enough 🙂
  6. She's such an inspiration. I hope a lot of kids get to meet her.
  7. OMG that was beautiful! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burn_center
  8. Be sure to check your actual points awarded once they post. I always get my 1 point per night, plus additional 1 point per night for being in a suite without doing anything. Solo though? 100% of the time Royal has failed to add that 3rd point per night. A call quickly rectifies that.
  9. I really don't have a specific gripe with any CCL company. I had two cruises cancelled (1 Princess and 1 Carnival), like a lot of folks here. It took ~70 days to be refunded, but I was made whole in the end. I also had an RCL cruise cancelled, and refund times were similar when all of this stuff got crazy. It sounds like having a PVP in your corner was an advantage, and that's the kind of experience I'm curious about hearing about.
  10. That's the kind of info I'm looking for.
  11. I'm pretty certain being logged-in while doing searches is what gets passed to a PVP.
  12. I get a phone call from my PVP any time I go through looking at specific sailing dates and cabins. I'm more than happy to work with a PVP if it is mutually beneficial.
  13. I'll be honest. It's a little creepy to mock-price a cruise on Princess or Carnival websites, and then have PVPs calling me a day later. One of the selling points they tout is re-pricing the cruise if the price drops. Anyone experienced a real advantage when using PVPs? I usually take care of this stuff on my own on other cruise lines.
  14. - Kummelweck sandwiches at Cafe Promenade. Extra horseradish, please. - Lamb shank on polenta at CK. - Seared branzino, also at CK. - Smoked salmon eggs benedict at CK (seeing a theme here?) - Damn near any soup at any venue on any ship. They've got their soups dialed-in. I never skip trying one. Mushroom cappuccino (again, CK) as an amuse-bouche was a knockout.
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