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  1. Same here, though on recent sailings I've also brought a French Press, get a carafe of hot water and make a fabulous brew on my balcony 🙂
  2. @Stldandid you ever get confirmation as to whether or not Emed will be accepted?
  3. Indeed. Seems like the limo to private jet to limo routine is unsustainable.
  4. it's almost as though you're hoping for that to happen 😄
  5. And we’re getting one person’s account of the situation. While I’m not insinuating Dewey is being untruthful, there are always several perspectives. There may be a legitimate “why”, it may be a comedy of errors, maybe a combination of both. Surely they have been trained repeatedly in anticipation of the restart? Flexibility is key. There’s no script for this.
  6. Agree. And I don't believe Carnival is "hiding" anything. Isolated cases, being handled according to protocols, do not need to be announced and would likely cause widespread panic. Just look at these boards to see how it becomes like the children's game of "Telephone". We are hearing Dewey's interpretation of the events. And while I'm sorry anyone became ill, I'm sure there are other perspectives we are not getting. For example, perhaps the room service delivery charge was added inadvertently/in error/automatically and then removed? A non issue if so, but obviously a cause of concern for Dewey given the emotions running high (understandably). IMO we need to breathe and not run around with our hair on fire the minute we see a positive test. It's not going anywhere. And now I will wait for the inevitable attacks 🙂
  7. ok thanks very much! makes sense now
  8. ok so for RCI and DCL what percentage will be non-vaxxed? or is that fluid, too? Carnival is 95% vaxxed? Just ready to get on a ship already...
  9. I've searched and am trying to follow along with the constantly-changing environment we're in - but what's the deal with test cruises? I see DCL's test cruise is now postponed. Is CCL doing any? If not, are they skirting the requirement due to % of vaxxed passengers? and they're doing that by not mandating vax but if you don't produce proof, you have a different on-board experience? Please help me understand 🙂
  10. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/08/asymptomatic-coronavirus-patients-arent-spreading-new-infections-who-says.html?fbclid=IwAR1elIb-VdCXyGaqQOxXrbebky1s0ZQQZ2IsErCskVG-74jBi2W3ywJ3aCc
  11. Would seem like a great opportunity to have new crew on board, testing and training on new protocols.
  12. That's what I'm saying - I have yet to see anything indicating these ships would be returning with new crew? The Breeze for example, in Europe right now repatriating, scheduled to be one of the eight ships to resume sailing from Port Canaveral 8/1. I can't imagine it will sail empty back to Port Canaveral and await crew via air? Yet nothing to indicate they will return to FL with new crewmembers aboard. Odd.
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