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  1. cruznbuddies

    Aruba treasure

    Just returned from our Panama Canal cruise on Holland America with the first stop being in Aruba. We had nothing planned so decided to walk into town to see what Oranjestad had to offer. We were lucky to run into a tour operator by the name of Graham Paul Livan. He goes by Paul and offered us a 3 hour tour of some island highlights for only $20 pp. It was one of the best tours we did on the cruise. He knew everything there is to know about his island and shared it all with us! He was flexible too and took some of us to the beach while returning others to the ship at the end of the tour. A great day with Paul! Reach him at grahampaull04@gmail.com or just ask for him where the ship docks. You won't be disappointed!!!
  2. cruznbuddies

    Do you use the stateroom safe?

    I think the first thing to remember is to leave at home anything you don't really need. Of course your passport is often required along with some other things, but life is so much easier and vacations more fun when you're not worrying about losing valuables. Having said that we always use the safe and have never had a problem. Happy travels Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. cruznbuddies

    White pants on Transpacific September cruise

    I wish it were so...living in Southern Arizona, locals (not snowbirds) seem to follow the rule pretty closely. I personally think it ridiculous; wear what you want if you're comfortable, but I don't see much white after Labor Day around here. Who came up with that anyway?!?
  4. cruznbuddies

    Playa Las Animas question

    :cool: thanks again...
  5. cruznbuddies

    Playa Las Animas question

    cap'n chunk, thanks so much for the response. That hike remains one of our favorite things we have done in PV. It was so out of the mainstream, or at least felt that way to us. Thanks for the info on the panga. I know we went home that way, but it's been a couple of years since we were there. So many fun things to do in PV, wanted to get some idea before we cruise. thanks again.
  6. cruznbuddies

    Playa Las Animas question

    The last time we were in Puerto Vallarta was for a land vacation - we took the city bus to Boca de Tomatlon and then hiked along the waterfront through the rain forest to Playa Las Animus - loved it!!! As far as I know the only other way to get there is by water taxi. This time we will be in PV on a cruise so time is limited. Does anyone know the approximate cost of a water taxi to/from Playa las Animus?
  7. cruznbuddies

    Maho or Orient Beach

    Sorry...I was saying that I would not have wanted my young daughters exposed to that. Hope you have a great time! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. cruznbuddies

    Maho or Orient Beach

    Not sure if you are aware but with the ages of your daughters, thought you might be warned, a portion of Orient Beach is a nude beach and when we were there last year, we walked down to where all the action is and saw fully nude men...I would Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. cruznbuddies

    Water or land taxi to Secret Harbour

    Thank you!
  10. We'll be in St. Thomas in Nov. aboard the Epic and would like to know if there is a water taxi to Secret Harbour - and if so, how much is it. If not, does anyone know the cost of land taxi? Approximate distance? Thanks for any input!
  11. [quote name='taglovestocruise']We have never left our trays outside, no one we have ever traveled with has left trays outside, your wrong when you say everyone does it. It leaves a cluttered mess outside your door. I always thought it was just the ignorance of those new to cruising.[/QUOTE] And it wouldn't be so bad if they were picked up right away, but we have seen trays sit in the hallway all day. Not cool!
  12. cruznbuddies

    Theme nights

    Thanks - guess I'll save those baggage fees, huh? Caribbean night - isn't every night Caribbean night :D White night would probably be doable since most cruisers have some white with them.
  13. cruznbuddies

    Theme nights

    It used to be cruise lines had different 'theme' nights, like for instance a 50's night where people - well you get the idea. Does anybody know if they are still doing this and if so, how does one find out what and when? Thanks
  14. cruznbuddies

    New to snorkling

    Yours look a bit wider than mine, but I think I'm gonna give them a try. Thanks so much for your response!
  15. cruznbuddies

    New to snorkling

    I have a question for anyone who might know. I now have two sets of swim fins, one the standard size (long) Body Glove from Costco which I have used for a number of years. Then I just found one of those shorty pairs - Speedo brand, which I have not had an opportunity to try out yet but would take up a lot less space in my suitcase. Now, keeping in mind that I am not short in the natural buoyancy department, would I be as happy with these new short swim fins for snorkeling as with the long ones? Anyone know?