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  1. Here's the only negative I have to post about the PRIDE. CCL just cancelled the best itinerary the PRIDE had - for what would have been a great farewell cruise from Baltimore. I was really looking forward to it on 11/30/14- but its been CANCELED! :( ET:( Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  2. I'm counting on you KANGA, so we can talk DVC on our cruise. Hopefully you can sway our cruising friends, that they should look into DVC, as well:D ET:)
  3. DELTA -- Thanks for sharing this thread with those of us on the Pride's Swan Song Cruise! I have lots of fun memories on the PRIDE. We will miss her; as sailing from Baltimore is so convenient and affordable for us. The drop-off & pick-up is a breeze. We really like being up on the top deck when going under the Key Bridge & Bay Bridge. (We spent a Sunday evening going back and forth over the Bay Bridge in our car, last summer, until we were on the bridge as the PRIDE sailed underneath. It was quite a site, all lit up, and so up-close from that perspective. It costs me 3-Tolls !:eek:, but it was well worth it. We have also sailed on the SPIRIT, and love that class ship. We actually like the art work on the pride, and "David's" steakhouse. On our last cruise, a very beautiful young lady, who was developmentally challenged, was in the elevator with her Mom, as we were going up towards the statue of David. She referred to it as the "pee=pee statue":p I thought that was so priceless & innocent. We still refer to it that way, and we giggle every time. ALL OTHERS on this post- I enjoy the reminiscing about the PRIDE, but I encourage you to join DELTA, KANGA, and ET on her last sail from Baltimore. It is sure to be a wonderful cruise. It will be your last chance to sail her from Baltimore, and the itinerary is awesome! So come join us ; We'd love to have ya:D ET:)
  4. So that's what that "BUG" is for!? Do you think it will work? ET:) Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  5. The website listed cruises through 2014. I'm waiting until the schedule is available for 2015. The AURA had a couple East Coast cruises that looked promising. THANKS! ET:)
  6. I will!:D Thank you so much for the contact information. I will send them an email tonight. Dankeschön:p ET:)
  7. Can you point me to one where they speak English?:confused: Thanks, TATKA:D ET:)
  8. I would greatly appreciate a contact with an English Speaking TA for AIDA Thanks you so much! :D ET:)
  9. Unipac. If I am unsuccessful thru the websites, I will seek some of your help. Thanks for the offer. Just as clarification, I did not post anything about being rude or inpatient. ?? My Mom's father was German, and he was a friendly guy :) I really would like to try the AIDA experience. ET:) Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  10. Thamk you for the education. I used one of your links to request a brochure in English, and gave them my email asking for their schedules and itineraries. Maybe you will see me onboard soon. ET:) Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  11. Chrissy - Thanks so much for the information. I really am going to look into an AIDA cruise, even though I only speak English. ET:)
  12. Thank You Chrissy! I appreciate the info.:D ET:)
  13. So, if I don't speak German, then I can't sail on AIDA:confused: That sucks!:(
  14. It sucks that I can't find any booking information on-line, in English!:( i feel I'm being discriminated against:p
  15. Nice photos - thanks for the link. I am trying to get more info on AIDA, but can't find much in English!:confused: How many AIDA cruises have you taken? Also - I see you traveled Stena lines from Kiel to Gothenburg. Was that connected with a Volvo purchase?? (We've bought 2 Volvos using European Delivery -- but have not done the Stena Line voyage) Tell me about it, please. Thanks; ET:)
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