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  1. Today is a Seaday and Cosmopolitan is open for Lunch. Dont know about themes
  2. Hello fellow passenger 👋 yes, it feels weird sometimes, yesterday i was alone with two other passengers at the Pool at 10am. Yesterday at Normandie, all window tables were occupied, can you imagine?? 😂 enjoy your Dinner at the Magic Carpet, we like the views very much.
  3. And the Upgrade offer onboard is actually cheap. We declined because there was no availability on aft Sky Skuites. And with the Ship so empty, we don't need the Retreat or Luminae.
  4. Never said it says much. Just reported what i observed while checking in. Now i'm concentrating on my beach time in Rhodes 😁
  5. Misunderstanding. I meant that i havent seen anybody with a positive test. You can observe that by watching if someone gets a Sticker or not. Sorry for the confusion
  6. You dont need a negative covid test before boarding, you are being tested while checking in.
  7. The Stickers were attached in the middle of the waiting area. So you could actually see if someone doesnt get a Sticker
  8. We are spoiled with Luminae from our previous Cruises, but our experiences in the MDR on Apex are outstanding. Service is top notch, feels like our first Cruise on Celebrity. Dinner tonight in Normandie was superb and matches Luminae... Maybe it is due to the current numbers of Guests, but anyway, i just enjoy this so much..
  9. I dont understand your questions. Everyone with a negative test got a Sticker and was directed to the Ship. I did not see anyone not get an embarkation Sticker...
  10. Yes, we call Mykonos. Ship Tours only. We booked a beach Transfer since we have been to Mykonos a couple of times.
  11. I did not see anyone beeing denied Boarding because of a positive test.
  12. Forgot to mention that this time we booked a Sunset Veranda and therefore have no access to the Retreat
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