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  1. Just checked on line. It says once you tender into port, there is a small building where the Custom Agents are. Go in there and they will stamp it for you. It says it is a really cool stamp. It is a Turtle Pirate with a peg leg. Good luck.
  2. You can usually get your passport stamped at a Post Office in the port and sometimes at the Port of Entry itself. Not sure on this port. You could ask one of the attendants as you enter the port. They can probably give you directions to the nearest place.
  3. Thank you for the link. I have filled it out and submitted the form. I also sent an email to the Special Needs Department. We are in a Promenade Room so I know the outlet will be on the opposite wall from the bed. I am planning on bring some duct tape along to fasten down the extension cord to the carpet to prevent a trip hazard during the cruise.
  4. My cousin and I are traveling on the Liberty of the Seas on Sept. 16th. She uses a C-Pap machine. This is my first time traveling with someone who uses one. What should we do in preparation for her being able to use her machine while onboard the ship. Knowing the lack of outlets in the cabins, do we bring a power strip and extension cord or will RCI provide approved ones for her to use? She also needs distilled water for it. Does RCI provide that as well? Just want to make sure we have everything in place when we check in.
  5. I always enjoy your reviews. The pictures were awesome as usual. The pictures you took on St. Maarten made me very sad. It will years before those islands are as beautiful as they use to be. Feel so sorry for the people who live there. Thanks again for sharing a wonderful review.
  6. Yep, I was right. It was a 7 day to Bermuda on the Song of America in Sept. of 1998. I fell in love with Bermuda and have been back about 8 times on different cruises. We took our family to Bermuda for our 50th Wedding Anniversary back in July of 2013. Wonderful trip and the kids and grandkids fell in love with Bermuda too. Great memories to hold onto since my DH sudden passing last June.
  7. My DH and I took our first cruise in 1984 on the Song of America. It was out of Miami and went to San Juan, St. Thomas, the Bahamas. Classic first cruise itinerary. We also sail on her on her last voyage as a RCCI ship but I can't remember the itinerary, I think it might have been our first trip to Bermuda. Would have to check my cruise history to be sure of that one.
  8. If you have sail on Celebrity and Princess, I would say you will not find NCL as glitzy. NCL is more of an entry level cruise line. Don't get me wrong, you will have a good time with NCL but it won't be as fancy. There are no designated Formal Nights. Every night is casual. Tips can be prepaid with the reservation. They will be a daily charge on your stateroom statement if they are not prepaid. The pool area is always crowded and there are chair hogs that seem to think the "no reserving" does not apply to them. I do believe there are up charge items on the menus but really can't remember for sure. I have done one Celebrity and one Princess cruise in the past. I travel most often on RCI or NCL. NCL is my favorite way to get to Bermuda because of their itinerary. Happy Cruising.
  9. NRD is No Refund on Deposit fare. It is something RCI is doing now. Sometimes give a slightly lower fare than one that you can get a refund of your deposit.
  10. Just remember airline restrictions if you are flying back home after your cruise. It would have to go into your checked baggage and that is always a risk that it will get smashed in transit. Just saying, it might make for quite a mess in your suitcase.
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