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  1. Yes they have a spot for you to leave your towel & bag & they had restrooms & changing area.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to post this review! We sail Freedom in June & can't wait to get back to the Southern Caribbean!!!
  3. It is snorkeling from the shore, but not an actual beach at White Bay where we spent most of the time snorkeling. It is a rocky shoreline, but pretty. The second location there might have been a little beach, but we went down a small set of steps into the water.
  4. The bus ride is about 1.5 hours, but didn't seem long at all. It wasn't bad at all on the charter buses we were on. My husband & daughter we concerned about the length of bus ride, but after, neither of them found it to be an issue. We chose this one because it was the shortest bus ride to ruins. The other ruins were 2 to 3 hours away. There is not much around the actual port area.
  5. We did the Multi beach snorkel tour with Thenford Grey 2 years ago in June & it was one of the best tours we've ever been on! It ended up only being my husband & I & one other couple with a driver & guide. Our guide - Mandela was great & found so many things diving down & would bring up to show us while snorkeling. We stopped at Timothy Hill overlook on the way, then snorkeled for a couple of hours at White Bay. They took us to lunch at Reggae's Beach Bar, then on to another snorkel spot but I don't remember which beach. I highly recommend this tour!!!!
  6. You really need to do an excursion at the port. We did the Mayapan Ruins, Lazy River Tubing & Cave Snorkel & it was great. The Mayapan Ruins are closer than some of the others. We were on a new charter bus that was very comfortable with AC & restroom for the 1.5 hour ride to the ruins & cenote. We would do this excursion again next time in Progreso! See pics below:
  7. We did this last month on our cruise & had the best time! I highly recommend this tour. If you see my previous thread, I have a review of it & posted pics of each part of the tour. It's about a 6 - 7 hour excursion, the bus ride is approximately 1.5 hours both ways, but it really didn't seem that long. The guides & just checking out the scenery made the time pass quickly. We had a few minutes to hit the shops at the pier when we got back. You walk through the shopping area on the way to & from the ship.
  8. I left this picture out of the cenote & cave snorkeling pics. It was so cool in the cave, I didn't actually snorkel, but it was great just floating in the cave. We are so glad we did the Carnival excursion Mayapan Ruins, Lazy River Tubing & Cave Snorkel. It was so much fun & we had a great time at the Progreso port.
  9. These next pictures are the end of the Mayapan Ruins, Lazy River Tubing & Snorkel Excursion. After leaving the cenote, we are driven to a Hacienda for lunch. This was a beautiful "Estate" like open air restaurant where lunch was included. The hacienda grounds were absolutely beautiful. We were so happy we chose this excursion, it turned out to be one of the best parts of our cruise!!!
  10. Continued pics of the Mayapan, Lazy River & Cave Snorkel Excursion. The cenote was so pretty with lush greenery down the walls. You just have to look over the bird poop at the end where you get out, but I enjoyed it so much, I got past the bird mess. These are pics from the Cenote tubing & cave snorkel:
  11. Here are pics of Mayapan Ruins from our June 2018 cruise:
  12. We ended up having the best time at this stop! We never felt unsafe at all!!! You need to get away from the port, be sure & take an excursion. We did Mayapan Ruins, with cave tubing & snorkel. It was great & we had a great time.
  13. We are back from our cruise on Triumph & we did this excursion. It was awesome & one of best parts of our vacation. Our group walked out together & met on the pier right off the ship. We took a short walk to the nice new charter buses. Very comfortable & had AC for the hour & 40 minute ride to Mayapan Ruins. The guides were great & gave us lots of info as we passed through the area. We arrived at Mayapan & it was really cool to see all the ruins. You can climb them & the views from top of pyramids were great! We got to spend about an hour there, the guides gave some general history to the group briefly, then we were able to tour the ruins on our own. Back to the bus for a short ride to the cenote where we did the lazy river tubing/snorkel part. This place was beautiful. You walk down & get tubes for cenote, then float through a small cave into an open lazy river with walls around you with lush greenery, so cool!!! It is pretty short though, & there are lots of birds flying over head, needless to say, when you exit, there is lots of bird poop floating in the water. If you can get past that part it was really amazing! Once you exit, leave your tube & walk down to the cave where you snorkel. This was very neat to see the cave formations. Then we were taken to a Hacienda for lunch & this was another great place. Beautiful architecture & the food was very good. A pork sandwich & fruit was included with the tour cost, but you could order from the menu for additional cost. I highly recommend this tour & was so glad we did it. We saw some amazing things & it was the highlight of our cruise. I will try & post some pics soon.
  14. We are back from our cruise & our stop in Progreso ended up being so much more than we expected & one of the best parts of our trip! We booked through Carnival the Mayapan Ruins, Lazy River Tubing & Cave Snorkel. All of the locals we met at the pier were very friendly & helpful. Our tour guides were great! The ruins were only about an hour & 30 minute ride from Progreso in a nice new charter bus. The Mayapan ruins were really cool, as you could climb these. Views from on top the pyramid were so pretty. The cenotes we went tubing/snorkeling were beautiful! So lush & green around them. Very glad we did this!!! We also went to a Hacienda for lunch, it was a beautiful open area with lots of ornate architecture. I had heard a lot of negative talk about Progreso, but if get away from the port area there is so much to see & experience.
  15. Thanks for your responses! We didn’t know what to expect. We board tomorrow excited for another cruise!
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