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  1. We sailed out of Ft Lauderdale in Oct. Ship could have held 1200 passengers. Had about 500 to 600. They only used one level of dining room. To get to pier you drove thru armed guards, coast guard surrendered ship and escorted us out about 3 miles. Had to show all kinds of ID about 3 times. It was strange like our own 900 ft ship. It was eerie. Had pool to yourself at times
  2. well a yr out so there is hope. Thanks
  3. Can anyone tell me if you are able to communicate with your group on ship thru app. 6 cabins, 14 people. I am a senior who once I board the ship I am on vacation. Need to read compass so I know the day etc. I know the younger members of my group will be taking wi fi package. Not me if I don't have to. Just would like ability to know where to find my family
  4. https://legalcubatravel.com/ Good info Sail on Sun May 27th
  5. Just say people to people. You should not have to take tour as far as I know. Once you go thru customs they take visa card stamp passport and you can then come and go as you please. That affidavit has nothing to do with visa but say you are aware of visiting rules Check other topics many out there
  6. Actually if you look out the Sun's web cam which is facing Havana. Almost unable to see any buildings lite up. I imagine this would be to conserve power needed
  7. https://www.npr.org/2019/05/05/720376155/cubans-increasingly-anxious-about-gas-shortages-under-trump-sanctions-against-ve There was another but you might locate the others. I was concerned that while in Cuba in 2 weeks I might want to consider changing how I would spend my time, punt per se. Look into walking about more
  8. https://thenewswheel.com/fuel-shortage-stalls-cuban-cars/ Looking for article where R Castro was giving a pep talk per say about problems that are starting to happen
  9. I had expressed my concerns since I lived and drove during the oil embargo of 1973. You were assigned to get gas based on odd / even license plates and various other ways. It was not easy on people or their pocketbooks. With the blackouts etc from Cuba's main supplier Venezuela they to might face this way of life in obtaining fuel. If restrictions start to happen I wondered if it is trickling down to tours. Rethink how to spend time in Havana That was it
  10. Fidel and Ramon might be dead. Raul maybe stepping down into retirement Diaz-Canel moving up Still Raul was speaking about the fact that oil from Venezuela was slowing down. Raul was speaking about the fact that it would be harder to get gas and quotas would most likely be imposed. That is what I was inquiring about. This was last week
  11. Recently read that Castro talked of fuel shortages and its affecting Classic cars and other tours etc. Did anyone feel this was a problem with the last few sailing? We sail On Sun May 27h
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