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  1. I haven’t decided yet. We were on the Caribbean Princess 3/1 sailing. I wanted to cancel, hubby didn’t. What disappointed me was that Princess knowingly transferred 2 employees who had been on the Grand Princess to the Caribbean Princess knowing what the implications could be. We all spent an anxious 24 hours waiting for the COVID testing to be complete. $75 on board credit and 25% future cruise credit wasn’t enough to make me think their actions were OK. We could never get an answer as to exactly when those 2 employees had come on board. I think they’ve done the right thing by shutting down
  2. I am glad they did this. It’s the right thing to do. The rest of the industry should probably follow them.
  3. We are currently on board. I did not go to the buffet, but walked through once. Food was being served by Princess employees. I’ve seen menus and salt and pepper shakers being disinfected. There also seems to be a bleach solution in many locations and surfaces are being wiped down. Numerous purell dispensers available and employees checking to make sure you use it before entering dining areas. Staff/crew has been very pleasant. A big cheer went up when captain announced we were clear to dock. Compensation has not been announced yet, we were told there would be a letter under our door.
  4. I am onboard Caribbean Princess. I would say we docked about 1 PM and people were disembarking around 2. Many excursions were leaving later than planned, but as far as I know , none were cancelled. There were continuous announcements prior to docking that Princess was in touch with local tour operators to adjust tour times. The signs by the gangway say all aboard at 630. We did not leave Fort Lauderdale until around 930 PM on March 1 which explains the late arrival, I think. No official explanation was given about the late departure. The head waiter in our section said “the CDC was aboard”, bu
  5. I just got an email saying Caribbean Princess is delayed for departure on Sunday March 1 to allow for additional sanitation. Guests are being asked not to arrive at terminal before 3 PM. The terminal will not be opened before 3 and no services will be available.
  6. We are scheduled for a Panama Canal Cruise on 3/1. We just got a notice that South Korea is now on the list of countries as well as any area or region where there has been a government quarantine. I think this would cover Italy. There is also a warning that itineraries can change and that entry requirements to countries might change.
  7. Yes, Caribbean Princess is returning to Florida early and did not go to Aruba. There are passengers on board posting from the ship if you go to the Princess section of the boards.
  8. I’m scheduled for the Caribbean Princess this Sunday, March 1. I am wondering how they will proceed. Will they cancel this sailing? Seems doubtful and haven’t had any extra communication from Princess? Whatever they’re doing doesn’t seem to be stopping the Norovirus. Of course, some could be passenger poor habits, but I wonder if there’s anything else that can be done.
  9. We are going on our first medallion cruise on Sunday. Hubby and I are both pretty tech savvy and both have iPhones. We are elite and will trade our internet minutes for a discounted unlimited internet plan once we are on board. There are some family situations we will need to keep track of while on board, so we would like to be able to make voice calls while at sea(We have port days covered). Is there a way to do this without getting our phone provider's (ATT) cellular at sea package? I've seen some posts that say that medallion is not working with cellular at sea anyway. If phones are connect
  10. I definitely would not take a cruise anywhere in Asia right now. I’m scheduled for a Panama Canal Cruise in one week. I thought about canceling, but Panama/Caribbean/central and South America do not seem to be areas of concern right now. My main reason for this cruise is to see the Panama Canal, so I still have concerns that the canal port could be cancelled. From the Princess website it seems that they have to report any respiratory illness and fever to local authorities,so I wonder if it’s a matter of time before ships are turned away from various ports because someone has regular flu. The m
  11. August is pretty close. Many people make reservations a year in advance. 1500 isn’t a huge budget, but could be do able depending on their expectations. Are they OK with an interior room or an ocean view (not balcony) room? This close to the cruise there might not be huge selection of cabins left. Some might be in undesirable locations such as under the gym or theater, but you never know till you try. I did a quick search on princess and there is availability in August. An ocean view room would be in the mid 500s. The excursion in Tracy Fjord is $259 so she would already be at about half her
  12. You’re going to have to make some type of compromise for the length of the cruise. Possibilities: don’t get your hair wet. You can pin your hair up and make sure you don’t put your head under water. Wear a swim cap for extra security. Blow dry while you’re on the cruise. Make sure you bring your own blow dryer and your own shampoo and conditioner and products. You might be able to find a blow dryer and products that won’t be too damaging for one or two uses. Find a hairdresser who can do some type of braided style that will be good for the length of the cruise- no micro braids or anything too
  13. Thank you for confirming my suspicion @Langley Cruisers ! The Butchart garden tour does seem nice, but it also seems that we might get there with barely enough time to see the fireworks much less the gardens.
  14. We are booked on a Princess cruise that will be in Victoria on August 24 only from 730 PM until Midnight. Due to the time of day and the limited amount of time, I’m only considering ship excursions. Has anyone done any of these? Butchart Gardens with fireworks, city walking tour (2 hours), O Canada tour- this has a visit to TIm Horton’s. I don’t understand the appeal at first glance, but maybe I’m missing something? This also has a visit to Mount Tolmie. Not considering the pub tour or craft beer tour since I don’t drink. We are two 50 ish empty nesters, no physical limitations. Husband is a s
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