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  1. I went to the Graycliff Lounge site and did the reservation through there.
  2. My Graycliff Lounge confirmation states that "3 hours is the maximum stay allowed."
  3. Keith, Thank you for answering all our questions. I hope you have the time to enjoy the cruise! Lol. I am wondering if dressy white shorts on men are acceptable for white night? Thank you!
  4. Do you know if you need to reserve the golf carts or how much they are per day? This sounds perfect.
  5. I'm a June 5 cruiser who received an email yesterday that did NOT say I had to test for boarding the ship. I still have NOT received another email.
  6. I booked directly through Celebrity and still have NOT received an email telling me I need to test for entry onto the ship.
  7. I actually did try and could not locate one. Any idea what the topic might be?
  8. Has anyone ever received an upgrade from a Move Up offer; specifically from a Sky Suite to either a Celebrity or a Royal suite? If so, what did it cost?
  9. I know this has been asked and answered, but if you prepay gratuities, does it include for the butler?
  10. Hahaha "Google is my friend?" I'm not talking about entering St. Maarten. Those requirements are quite clear. I'm talking about the requirements to embark on the ship, as the information related to these requirements is unclear and continuously changing. Your sarcasm and condescension is not helpful or appreciated. I find myself wondering why people come on these boards attempting to insult people who are trying to help each other and find out new information.
  11. Notice one of the posts above heard the test had to be done within 5 days, the other poster said 3 days. What is it? We need clarification!
  12. Since we are on the June 5, 2021 cruise, and it is 24 days away, I wish Celebrity would send some form of communication regarding what we actually need prior to sailing. I'm a planner and this confusion is stressful. LOL
  13. Where would I look on Instagram?
  14. We are scheduled to sail on the June 5, 2021 Millennium sailing out of St Maarten. I imagine with the sailing a little over 30 days away, the crew must be aboard to prepare the ship. Is there a way to find out if this is true? I think it will be a good indicator as to whether or not the ship will be ready to go on June 5. Thanks for any insights. My fingers will stay crossed until boarding.
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