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  1. The Havana bar didn't seem to be too crowded. 😀
  2. The IMAX haven't changed so far this month. But since you leave on the 30 th, they might be different. Perhaps, check john herald FB page.
  3. just off the Vista today. This was my 13th cruise with Carnival. We had a great time. Here are what I think are the Pros and Cons Pro: The steakhouse was great. Went the first night. Didn't really enjoy the table art dessert but otherwise, well worth the money. Loved the sky rope course and the sky bike activity. Make sure you wear closed toed shoes and you are completely dry. My daughters bathing suit was a tad wet and we ran downstairs to change. The slides and splash area are great. Spent lots of time there with my two kids. The staff is great with kids! Matt, the cruise director, always took time to say hi. Matt gave my son a teddy bear today as we were leaving the ship today. All the staff we encountered were great. Lunch from the Mongolian wok, pasta station, and guys burgers were great. The cake they serve at the sweet spot were great, the kids loved going to Cherry on top for a few pieces of candy most days. Anytime dining was great for us. Ate in the MDR 3 times, never had to wait to check in or be seated. Loved our Cove balcony and had a great room Steward. And great location! The carnival hub chat is worth paying for. It was easy for the family to keep in touch. I also liked being able to see our photos we took. Hey showed up on the hub. The internet worked well. The Cons: Hated the liquid lounge and limelight lounge. Line of sight was just awful. The shows were great, but the main seating were removable chairs all on the same level so it was hard to see. Liquid lounge was too small. Very limited tables and nowhere to put your drinks. Also, bingo you had to typically use a clip board to play on. I didn't like the very limited use of the library. My kids and I like going to yje library for games, however, this area was taken over by the art auction to display their paintings so you couldn't get to the games and no tables were open. Did not enjoy the buffet at all this time! Especially, at lunch and dinner. Our group of 6 all felt the variety and look of the food was not good. The salad options were ok, but not the rest. We usually ended up at the deli or the Mongolian or pasta option. Also, the bottomless bubbles, I won't do again. The soda was flat a lot of the times and waiting at bars for the soda was a pain. I much prefer being able to get from a fountain. The arcade had so many games not working so I had to go to guest services for refunds. Thankfully, I am platinum so the wait was minimal. Overall, we had a good time. I might get think twice about booking on the vista again, I think the dream class is more to my liking. Let me know if you have any questions!
  4. Leaving. Sunday....on the Vista. Still haven't packed!
  5. Thank you for posting....we board the vista on the 10th and my 9 year old is super excited to see these. 😀
  6. Bubbles package ordered....👍🏻 Internet ordere......👍🏻 4 days to go til we board the Vista.....must start packing soon!
  7. Thanks for the review. Definitely in the top 5 reviews on this board. Have a safe trip home!
  8. Loving your report. We go on the vista on June 10th. My husband is excited about the seafood shak
  9. Great review. We leave on the Vista June 10th....can't wAit
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