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  1. There is no need to seperate the order between people. Folks are walking up to a bar and ordering a drink and a shot, which is allowed in this drink package. A scam would imply you are breaking the cruise line rules. These drink orders are not.
  2. They are not scamming at all! The package include virgin cocktails and shots of booze!! They're just making it work for them!! All within the "rules".
  3. Check out Josh Hocum videos on YouTube. He was just Seaside last month and has done some very extensive vlogging on the ship. FWIW we were on Seaside a year ago and it was fantastic and we are going again this year!!
  4. Last year on the seaside there were cressi mask for sale in the gift shop. Does anyone know if the masks are still for sale in the gift shop and if so how much?
  5. Listen we are very strict about going to school. Unless you have a fever or throwing up you're going. We are "all in" to the point I volunteer at the school on a regular weekly basis. We do all the extra stuff, science fair etc. But at the same time have a limited budget and honestly in the big scheme of life one week a year isn't gonna make or break them. This year is our 20th anniversary and were pulling them out a week and yes it is during KSF thank goodness. Do it, they're with you a short time!
  6. Hi. I've seen the list of included alcohols and I do not see tequila at all? Anyone sail lately with this package and have any luck getting a tequila?
  7. Hi has anyone been there lately? Wondering the cost of beach chairs and drink specials? Thanks
  8. Trying to figure out budget for the day, approximately how much is cab to from Cruz bay for 4 to trunk bay?
  9. Actually 3 cab rides for 4 ppl adds up fast!
  10. You could also consider one of the tours offered which would take you all the island grab some great pics then drop you at the beach and pick you up at a set time. We've done Bernard's with children and he and his team are great. Might be more cost effective for your family of 4.
  11. FMZ

    Bar specials?

    Hi. Is there any cocktail or beer specials on the Seaside? We will not have an included package and will not be buying one. But would like an occasional drink or beer. Thank you!
  12. Hi welcome. Rccl can and will change the price of the drink package for each sailing at their whim. So if you're comfortable with the pricing you are being offered go ahead and book it. I would advise that you check your cruise planner often because if the price lowers you can cancel your initial purchase and repurchase. The packages are more expensive onboard as are other items in your planner. The % off really doesn't mean much because it doesn't appear there is really an exact price. So just keep looking at your price per day per person in your planner.
  13. I LOVE Mrs. Wink's sunglasses. What brand are they and where did she get them? Excellent and entertaining review!
  14. Looks like the makings of an awesome cruise! Thanks for taking us along
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